I turned around and there he was at the register.
It was all too brief an encounter.

“I read “The Shining” in 1977 when I was a freshman at Berklee College of Music. I’ve been a fan ever since,” I said.

{shake hands} (my hands were already shaking)

“Thank you,” he says (and eyes some cigars), “Cohiba! I just love saying that word!”

“I assume you’ll be at Fenway watching the asskicking tonight?”

“Yes, sir!” He says, smiling.

He paid for his smokes and walked to the door with nary a clue of how much I used to really love his stuff. I could almost hear myself saying, “Hey, I write, too!”

He turned and raised his hand and once again yelled, “Cohiba!”

Holy Crap, I thought, I just met Stephen King.
Truth . . .


I’ve received several emails regarding me “losing my mind” after my last post.
Everyone can rest now. I found it this morning sleeping peacefully underneath the computer stand.
I hate when that happens. :0)
Thanks, folks . . . . (Mwwwuuuuuahhhhhhhahhahahahaha!)

13 thoughts on “*King

  1. and indeed he was there according to all reports…were you, is the question?

    For the prices? $600 for the bleachers?
    You’re shitting me, right? 😉
    I barely have enough money to buy TP . . .


  2. Did a visit from Stephen King scare the sense back into you?
    That is cool. I probably wouldn’t have recognized him. I would have thought, “Boy, he seems familiar….”

    Maybe he shook me back to reality.
    He was strange but down to earth in some strange way . . .


  3. Oh that’s very cool. I too read The Shining in 1977 (or maybe 1976) and it scared me silly. And then there was the Stanley Kubrick film which I still think is a freaking masterpiece, (although it could have just been the drugs that made it so, um, hallucinogenic).

    He’s kind of a freaky looking dude (I think it’s the mouth).

    Freaky looking? He’s Steven Hawking in a funhouse mirror!


  4. Oh my, shaking hands would have been the least of my problems. Babbling bullshit is more like it.
    You lucky man. Well, at least I know a guy who just shook Mr. King’s hand. And – if I really think about it, I enjoy knowing you much more than any other bookshelf writer who I share no common ground with. I’d much rather watch you grow and be a ‘real’ fan. 🙂

    I’m going to have to process this comment for a few days. 😉
    Thanks, S


  5. I think I would have peed.

    He’s always been on my Five People You’d Like to Meet list…
    Not to be confused with the Five Freebies List

    Did you read his book On Writing?

    I did read his book. And I did pee.
    Need to read the book again though. Great read.


  6. omg!! Stephen King is my favorite writer of all time. I think i may have mentioned that before once or 97 times. how lucky of you! i think i would have licked his hand, but you know, i’m a freak like that.

    No spit swapping. He would never go for that.
    Well, maybe he would . . .


  7. phucking stephen phucking king?! DUDE!

    i don’t have to tell ya, he’s one of my favorite authors. damn!

    for as much as you did get to stammer out, i applaud you!

    don’t wash your hand; and i’ll see you monday!

    Stephen Phucking King!
    He rubbed my back too . . . (yeah, right)
    Your hands will wind up being sacred, babe . . . . or Thai 😆


  8. Very cool story!! The Shining totally freaked me out the first time I saw it, have never read the book. I have a friend that’s a die hard King fan…she would have flipped!!!

    I was listening to my favorite radio station from Phila this a.m. and they were talking about an exhibit at a museum there…the exhibit is called Smoke and Mirrors…check it out! http://www.locksgallery.com/exhibit/2007/netsky/netsky07PR.html

    Gotta love any exhibit called S&M . . . 😉


  9. I’ve never read anything of his, but only because he has so many and comes off as an attention whore.

    I have seen his house, though. He had bats on his gate, which was weird. Actually meeting him is way cooler, though.

    Read “The Shining”, “The Talisman”, “The Tommyknockers” or “The Stand” and any short story collections.
    King is brilliant in soooo many ways.
    Worth the time, dude . . .
    An attention whore? Don’t think so. He’s just too weird.


  10. What?! You met Stephen King?

    Oh man! How cool.

    You know, I always think it’s funny how people tend to get this idea in their head that if they were to actually meet a famous musician, writer, or actor, that they wouldn’t be obnoxious and stare blankly at them like most fans. It’s a nice idea, until someone like Stephen King walks in the door and you have to clean up the pool of drool from your jaw hanging open. Or worse, you can’t remember what in the world you said.

    It was surreal. I wasn’t drooling but damn, I’ve read so many things by this man that I felt I almost knew him.
    Does that make any sense?


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