In a perfect world…

Smoke and Mirrors was started in February of 2005 after some prodding by a friend of mine. I began writing @10 years ago in an effort to understand the Alzheimer labywrinth my mother and father were stuck in. I found that chronicling the events of my life offered me a surprising amount of solace and a desperately needed creative outlet I never thought I’d find. If this is your first time visiting, welcome.
If you decide to stay for a bit, this blog will tell you all you need to know about me.
It’s sad and funny, bitterweet and acerbic and sometimes even entertaining.
I’ve logged some serious time here and ask that you comment respectfully.
Here at Smoke and Mirrors, I am a God that can banish you with a simple keystroke; I understand all too well just how powerful the written word can be.
As a good friend of mine says: my blog, my way.
Thanks again for reading.


4 thoughts on “In a perfect world…

  1. I began blogging here on WordPress with the hope of somehow being able to understand my own life and the silent but deadly dementia that was pulling my dad into some faraway world and living only the shell of him. I needed a place to be real and honest about what I was learning, feeling and thinking about this not-so-bright piece of my life. It’s helped more than I ever would have thought possible.

    Reading over your posts about both of your parents Alzheimer’s has been encouraging, just to simply know I’m not alone. Thank you, Michael, for blogging. I hope you keep it up for a long time.


    If I’ve helped you in any way, this blog has done what I originally intended it to do.
    I will remain your closest ally in this fight against a disease we can’t seem to cure.
    I’m but an email away. Thanks, Kelsey…


  2. i really do agree, creating or writing a blog is one way of expressing one’s opinion. And at the same being able to write you may inspire other people with the experienced or writing you do. It is also an outlet, where in you can say whatever you want. I know lots of people out there may also relate on what you write at your post….
    I hope you keep writing……

    Far as I know there’s no foreseeable end in sight as far as my writing.
    I do wish I wrote more than I currently am. That will change I’ve no doubt with the turning of the seasons.
    Winter is a time of introspection and my thoughts eventually find their way here to Smoke and Mirrors.
    I thank you for reading and commenting.
    It’s folks like you that make this whole crazy blogging thing so worthwhile.
    be safe, be well


  3. just dropping by to visit. coincidentally, at the moment i’m reading neil gaiman’s smoke and mirrors. 😉

    Great book. I’ve read it a few times.
    Gaiman is a master.


  4. stumbled upon you vis the other side of the mountain. and i’m looking forward to diving in when i have some time to read more.

    although i’m mucking around a bit, i too am writing in order to sort out issues with my family. my father was showing signs of dementia when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. as i’m working through ‘end of life’ issues with my mom, the written therapy (which i’m sharing with my adult children) may serve me well.

    you’re my trailblazer… glad i wandered in…

    please stop back and wander around.
    I’ll be by your place soon . . .
    Thanks, Daisy
    Trailblazer? Awwww, shucks . . .


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