Fade to Black

newspaper shifting, a cough, smoky conversation, HVAC, swallowing, scratching skin, paper, face, construction and squeaky brakes, jet engine overhead, train rumble underneath, a possible shift in the Matrix; I am utterly surrounded . . .

construction, machinery, car horns and moving earth, muzak, PA announcements, metal to metal <at 2K, wind and leaves, sniffles and sneeze, Treo ringtones and Blackberry blasts of email with water running and footsteps walking; I am not even at work yet

child screams on the train, and screams and screams and screams, animal, and I scream (silently), doors open as fast as doors slam shut, a kiss, a grumble, laugh and whisper,
<my mind>bluebird chirp, dog barks and cat purrs, whistling</my mind>, humming,
the envious sound of money, cash register bleeps and the phone rings, time perpetual; I am sonically losing my mind

saxophone, drums, cymbals and melody, bass, piano, guitar and violin all singing the blues, a fucking out of tune shithead soprano doing scales in a room next to a mystical piano tuner, trucks and buses, earsplitting motorcycles because “loud pipes save lives”, noise, pinks and whites but it’s fucking noise, noise, noise . . .

Sometimes I just want it all to STOP
and it does . . .



20 thoughts on “Fade to Black

  1. Whoa! Now isn’t that something!

    How very powerful. It brings all sorts of emotions welling up and bubbling within me. However, once I have a chance to reflect a little, I do hope this isn’t a piece about your day today. If it is, I’ll shut up now and just sit in silence with you…..


    Silence is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?


  2. well…what does one say?
    come visit…we don’t have pollution in townsville, the skies are blue, the sun is shining, the beaches beckon and we can go fish the great barrier reef…

    go to bed, imagine all this in your head and you’ll sleep like a baby…i’ll get mark to chill the guinness…the beers will cost you a song each, but the bed and food are free

    One of these days . . .


  3. Nice!
    Perfect – ly human in an inhumane and loud world.

    Find that a few sips of good whiskey slow things down a lot while sitting infront of an open fire place.

    Can’t wait for the evening.

    Hang in there M.

    The evening can never get here soon enough . . .


  4. Loooove it!
    Do you know how odd it is to be watching CNN and your name scrolls by, stating that you’re dead. Perhaps you do . . .

    Ahhhh, Red . . .
    Sounds bizarre . . .


  5. I know this feeling… it’s like drowning or shopping on the last Saturday before Christmas or having dinner with the in-laws. All you can think of is escape.

    Escape is right. Never enough ways to go, unfortunately . . .


  6. Those are some good adjectives and nouns. You know what else is awesome? Verbs.

    I included some verbs, DT.
    This post was about . . .


  7. Hi ~m, I’m here to tell you that I’ve stopped blogging for a while. I thought you’d want to know so you could take me off of your blogroll. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and I will still be stopping by to see what’s going on… Thanks. I don’t have time this minute to look around at your 7 new posts but I”ll be back REAL soon to see what’s what!
    Take care!
    Your friend,

    Bumming me out, Bella.
    Going to miss you.
    Please tell me when you’re back up and running.
    You have an automatic link here.
    Take care, kiddo


  8. Wow.


    This is beautiful. (Even if it is in that pounding-my-head-to-make-the-noise-stop kind of way.)

    The art you create is incredible, just so you know.

    This is the one comment I so wanted. Just so you know.
    Thanks, D


  9. No, really. I was watching the tube the other day and your name scrolled by several times .. Michael Murphy .. few minutes later, there it went again. Had to get online to see what was up! But it was well . . another dude!

    Yeah, some highfalutin’ political guy from NYC.
    Strange still . . .


  10. This is not an enjoyable post, which I’m sure is what you intended.
    But I’ve read it twice now, so I felt I should let you know. 🙂

    I love your candor, Lolly.
    This post was definitely not intended to be “comfortable”.
    You read it right. And I so thank you for doing so . . . 2X


  11. This was really good. In fact, it’s so good that it could easily stand on its own without the html effects, although those do add to the overall effect. Really well done.

    I still maintain there is a poet in you trying to scratch and claw his way out.


    He’s clawing but he’s not getting anywhere . . .


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