Raincoaster & Cowfish made me do it

I’m ripping this video off from Raincoaster
who ripped it of from MasterCowfish . . .
And how can you not love a name like MasterCowfish?
Long video but funny as all hell. Hopefully you have DSL.
Raincoaster and I need to do Mojito’s very soon . . .

6 thoughts on “Raincoaster & Cowfish made me do it

  1. will check the vid later if that’s ok, i’m on my way out…
    this is just a quickie to ask if you’d wander over and vote please? i would appreciate it no end
    fank you ~m….

    I voted, Moe . . .
    Watch the video. Way far out . . .


  2. Some day, we shall do mojitos! When I take over Cuba…can’t quite afford the airfare yet, but will get there some day.

    When you finally do take over Cuba (and it can’t be soon enough) maybe we can get some cigars too? 😉


  3. I’ve seen it millions of times, and I love it. Congratulations on posting something I like. You’ve finally done it. 😉

    Oh, you are a wiseass, DT.
    I love it.
    You have to meet my friend Laho someday


  4. Huh. Kinda weird. Definitely didn’t see any of that coming. (Which was probably the point.)

    The way the cartoons fell apart was awesome!

    Strange videos, I agree.
    Have to say I laughed my ass off . . .


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