Supersize my Thong

the diff
The thong on the McQueenie brought up my breakfast burrito from two days ago.
I think there may be a small child wedged in between the crack of her ass.
Ugh. . . what a way to go.


8 thoughts on “Supersize my Thong

  1. i can hear it now “would you like fries with that”??? 🙂
    glad i saw this today and not tomorrow…would have put me clean off my chili…..

    Gives new meaning to the phrase “food for thought”. . .



  2. I’m so tired of seeing girls thongs sticking out! I don’t want to see your undies or your butt crack…fat or thin. Geesh!

    Kinda looks like you could play ‘connect the dots’ with the copious cellulite…



  3. M…I think the email of the girl at the beach I sent you was way better than this…

    G- you send me so much email! Specifics! I need specifics!
    Which one? I probably still have it.



  4. Not only could you stick a tattoo on that ass, you could make it a freakin’ billboard. Ba da bom bom bom, I’m luvin it.

    The ‘billboard’ would unfortunately have an adverse effect on ones appetite.
    I’m sure MickeyD’s has already thought about it though.


  5. Plumbers Crack at it’s best….I’ll send you some spakling compound and a scraper to fix it…And the email was the one with the young lady on the cell phone on the beach…

    Oh, yeah.
    That’s for my ‘other’ blog…


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