11 thoughts on “Let me in

  1. Yep.
    I’ve had 3 cats in a row and ALL do that.
    (ah, and we did have a special cat door to which they knew how to use……but I guess the front or back door is so much less squishy).
    Thanks and have a great day.

    3 cats, too? Coolbeans.
    Always a ruckus in the house somewhere . . . :mrgreen:


  2. OMG, so very funny! I’ve seen the one where he’s sleeping and the cat smacks him with a bat, but have not seen this one. Thanks for the morning giggle. 😀

    I posted that one several months ago and agree, it was awesome.
    And for the morning giggle, you are most welcome.


  3. No witty commentary? tsk tsk tsk
    I used to breed Siamese..I get it…

    Can you sing the Siamese Cat Song? (we are Siamese if you puhleeez . . . ) :mrgreen:
    I’m going to have a tape recorder ready the next time we chat . . .


  4. Oh, how true…over the years this characteristic of our cats have given us great chagrin as well as the giggles. I love these Simon’s cat videos – they are brilliant. Thanks for the posting. G

    The cat just kills me.
    Especially when he ‘meows’ and points to his mouth.


  5. OK, the part he missed is when the cat gets inside and the door gets closed the cat stands at the door and meows to go out, least thats what mine do.

    Funny animals, those cats.
    I was waiting for a ‘pussy’ comment though 😉


  6. ROTFLMFAO!! I once owned three cats at the same time, (or rather, they owned me) so I know exactly where this is coming from.

    You gotta love cats. They’re so smart and so dumb all at the same time.


    And yeah, the absolutely own us . . .


  7. My dog must be part cat – she does crap like that. Lately, she likes to sit half in/ half out of the doggie door – she’ll do it for hours.

    We need pictures, Annie.
    Better yet, how about a short Youtube video with you trying to coax her out?
    Sounds like a weiner to me. :mrgreen:


  8. 3 cats inside, 13 outside and 1 that is outside but thinks it belongs inside.

    And to think, I was a cat person before I moved to the farm. Nowadays they keep their distance from me and I keep mine from them.

    An agreement of sorts.

    Sounds like you and the felines just don’t agree.
    Maybe you could teach one of them to play PS3 with you . . . :mrgreen:
    Then again, they’d eventually find a way to kick your ass, so forget it


  9. Hah! Another blogger I follow just posted this.

    Did you see the first one in the series?

    I could swear this guy followed my cat and decided to turn him into a cartoon.

    The first one is somewhere on my blog. God knows where . . .


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