Some Children See Him

It was many years ago on a Christmas night that I paused to look in on our girls before I went to bed. They were sleeping and hopefully dreaming of sweet things.
At the time, we’d put a radio in their room so they could drift off to dreamland to some soft music.
Though this Christmas night was very long ago, I remember it vividly.
As I turned to make my way to our bedroom, my ears soaked in whatever was playing on their radio.
It was a beautiful solo piano piece.
Standing there mesmerized, I realized I had goosebumps up and down my arms.
(a rarity for me, musically speaking)
This song, whatever it was, was something special.
When the song finished, I went back downstairs and called the radio station in Boston and actually spoke to the (obviously) lonely DJ.

“What was the last song you played? That solo piano thing?” I asked.

“Yeah, man . . . wasn’t that beautiful? It’s called, “Some Children See Him”, by Dave Grusin.
It’s off the first GRP Christmas Album. Nice stuff.”

I wished him a Merry Christmas and told him he’d just made my holiday.
I think he liked that.

Fast forward to tonight.
I’m sitting on the train listening to my Ipod when this song comes on.
It’s James Taylor singing Some Children See Him.
Goosebumps, folks.
The sad realization came to me that I never really ‘listened’ to the song.
Tonight was a very different story.
Hence, this post.
Here are the lyrics . . . (much nicer if you have the tune to listen to)

Some children see Him lily white,
The baby Jesus born this night.
Some children see Him lily white,
With tresses soft and fair.

Some children see Him bronzed and brown,
The Lord of heav’n to earth come down.
Some children see Him bronzed and brown,
With dark and heavy hair.

Some children see Him almond-eyed,
This Savior whom we kneel beside.
Some children see Him almond-eyed,
With skin of golden hue.

Some children see Him dark as they,
Sweet Mary’s Son to whom we pray.
Some children see him dark as they,
And, oh . . . they love Him, too

The children in each different place
Will see the baby Jesus’ face
Like theirs, but bright with heavenly grace,
And filled with holy light.
O lay aside each earthly thing
And with thy heart as offering,
Come worship now the infant King.
‘Tis love that’s born tonight!

For me, the holiday season can be summed up in the very last line of the song:
‘Tis love that’s born tonight’.
Christmas has very little to do with gifts, Mistletoe, jingle bells or EggNog;
there’s so much more that we may never see or feel simply because we’re all too busy Christmasing the way we “think” we’re supposed to, the quintessential celebrations we unknowingly try and mimic based on oh so many HDTV and jewelry commercials.
Yes, some children do see Him but it’s through eyes that understand the true nature of the Christmas holiday.
It’s never been about ‘the stuff’.
It’s about offering your soul, granting forgiveness and selfless acts of the heart.
I pray that my eyes will see Him for who He truly is.
I pray the same for the commercially blind living in this surreal marshmallow world.


17 thoughts on “Some Children See Him

  1. I couldn’t find Dave Grusin, but I did find this:

    Beautiful song. Thanks for the introduction.

    It is a very nice tune. Thanks for the link.
    Check out Taylor’s version too. Exceptional.


  2. Thanks for the message, Michael. It’s so easy to get sucked up in all the commercial fanfare that we forget.

    LyricalFool, thank you for that link. That was a fantastic video!

    It’s too easy to get lost in the parade.
    I try every year to find the essence of the holiday.
    Still working on it.


  3. children tend to see better because they’re too young to have had their vision clouded….sometimes i think it would be nice to be that young again…
    a timely, thought provoking post ~m……

    I like being a thought provoker.
    And I agree wholeheartedly regarding the pure innocence of the young.
    It’s the “Polar Express” mentality. (which is indeed a beautiful thing)


  4. A lovely post, Michael. I enjoyed it.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the materialism that’s become entwined with the Christmas season and lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas as summed up in the song — “‘Tis love that’s born tonight.”


    I have the feeling we’re on the exact same page here, Kelsey.


  5. Wonderful lyrics and even better sentiment. It’s nice to find those things that bring out the real meaning of this holiday and what we should be celebrating and feeling. That being said, you’re still getting a present. 😉

    Have you been naughty or nice this year, Miss Annie? 😉
    ~mr. C


  6. I have this song on my IPod, too. What a beautiful song, eh? Another one I like is an Amy Grant Christmas song…Breath of Heaven. She also sings a song called Grown Up Christmas…it’s about remembering what’s important.
    Thanks for sharing your writing….you write with your heart and that’s what makes it so great to read. You write what lots of us think! Thanks!!!!

    Natalie Cole did “Grown Up Christmas List” originally. I like her version much better than Amy’s.
    I will have to check out Breath of Life.
    As far as my writing goes, I thank you dearly for reading.
    If you come away from it feeling a bit better about the world, I’m happy. (guess that doesn’t apply to all my posts, huh?) :mrgreen:


  7. On a somewhat similar note, why can’t people have that Christmas feeling 365 days a year? For the same reasons that its so hard to do it during the Christmas season. Yes, there is a reason for Christmas – but why can’t the feelings we share during Christmas be shared year round?

    I know I am being silly. I loved the post man – we must not forget the reason for the season.

    There’s a song called “The Magic of Christmas” and the tagline goes: It’s not the things you do at Christmastime but the Christmas things you do all year through. Sappy, but oh-so-true.
    Thanks, Grimm.


  8. I remember you playing me the Dave Grusin version YEARS ago, and how much I loved it. Then, hearing James Taylor sing it with the lyrics made it even more beautiful. Most undoubtedly MY favorite Christmas tune for sure.
    It moves me EVERYTIME I listen. Oh, if we could all see again through childrens’ eyes……

    “Most undoubtedly MY favorite Christmas tune for sure”
    Yup, we’re definitely related. 😉
    Tanks, sis


  9. Now I want to check out Natalie Cole’s version. Bet I’ll like it better, too. Thanks!

    I have it. Next time you’re over the house you can borrow it.


  10. “I pray the same for the commercially blind living in this surreal marshmallow world.”

    well-spoken, m squared.

    i have both of JT’s christmas albums. he also covers joni mitchell’s “river” on this one. simply beautiful, and especially moving.

    as for me? i wish i had a river that i could skate away on…and return january 2, 2008!

    love & peace…

    January 2nd? Hmmm . . .sounds like a great day for a massage? :mrgreen:
    I have something to barter that I know you’d love.
    Let me know. Or will I see you NYE?


  11. NYE – the annual gig? you’re on for the 2nd! fer sure…

    happy christmas!

    for all y’all that are dismayed over the absence of “christ” in christmas, go to….you can order a pin for a donation that states “it’s okay to wish me a merry christmas!”

    love & peace…

    Very cool website.
    I’ll call you before the 2nd and figure out a time. Can’t wait!
    If I don’t see you, Merry Christmas! :mrgreen:


  12. This was a beautiful post. It kind of reminds me of when I wake in the middle of the night and go sit in front of the newly lit Christmas tree in the living room. Everything stops and the spirit of Christmas can finally come in the door, even if only for a moment.

    It’s those moments that we have to cling to. They are what holds the holiday together.

    “Everything stops and the spirit of Christmas can finally come in the door . . . ”
    A wonderful comment regarding the holiday.


  13. I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-Shirt because it says I want to be formal, but I’m here to party. And I like to think of Jesus like with giant eagles wings, and singin’ lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an angel band and I’m in the front row and I’m hammered drunk!

    Don’t bogart that joint, buddy.
    Pass it over to me.


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