On Writing

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.”
~Stephen King

I’ll be posting sporadically until sometime after Christmas.
Retail kicks your ass and to be honest, I need to do some serious reading.
I’ve dusted off the King book for another go through.
At this time of the year, I just can’t do it all and reading is much needed sanctuary.
I will be visiting my favorite blogs though.
For some new blog reading be sure to visit Grimm, NurseMyra, Other Side & Sulz, several new blogs that I’m currently enjoying the hell out of.
Until next time, I wish you all peace.


9 thoughts on “On Writing

  1. gee, thanks for link love! not sure exactly what the ‘hell’ you enjoy out of me blog, but hey i’ll take what i get graciously. :mrgreen:

    I’ve followed many of your comments in the forum and always come away impressed with your knowledge of WordPress.
    As far as your blog goes, it’s a fun place to visit.


  2. been waiting for something like this…i know this time of year is busy for the type of work you do…dammit!

    Don’t worry, Moe.
    This season may just surprise you . . .


  3. reading is my #1 priority too! though since I discovered blogging I’m down to one book a week instead of three. the good thing is I can’t remember when I last turned on the television 🙂

    thanks for the link. I can also recommend Sulz, she helped me out on the wordpress forum

    off to check your other links now….. happy reading

    I don’t watch much TV either. Mainly sports, news and weather.
    As far as the link goes, you are welcome.
    Good stuff over there at the Gimcrack . . .


  4. I think Stephen King’s reading rule is a coy plot to get you to buy his books. IT ALL ADDS TOGETHER!

    You are the quintessential skeptic, DT.
    Do you really think King is worried about selling another book?! :mrgreen:


  5. been over to gimcrack and have to say i can relate to SO much over there it’s not funny….i’ve been sitting here cracking up!

    Nurse Myra is the “balls”, literally. :mrgreen:


  6. Okay, this is too crazy. I have been reading this book, and I just read that line the other day and thought, ugh oh, he’s right.
    So I’ve been making more of a solid effort to read and to write for fear that I’m not really a writer at all.
    Call it more of a proving to myself that I am perhaps somewhat serious about the craft, or perhaps a mere panic.

    Are you writing?
    Writers, write. Period.
    Pick up the pen and tell the censor to shut the hell up.
    I do it every single day.
    It’s the only way.
    IMHO, are you a writer? Absolutely.


  7. Man, I appreciate the love and I apologise for not commenting for awhile. I am telling you, the whole Santa situation had me totally freaked out. Now that it is over with – I am back in action.

    Thanks again – coming from you that is a deep honor.

    No worries, Grimm. lol
    Yeah, looks like the Santa thing had you slightly bamboozled.
    Thanks so much for dropping by.


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