6 thoughts on “24-21

  1. The KC Chiefs got blasted out a couple of weeks ago. Sigh. I wish your team all the best!!

    Thanks again for cheering me up with your fabulous music.
    You truly don’t know how much it helped, I was in a v-e-r-y
    dark place.

    I’m so glad something I wrote made you feel better.
    It’s kindof what it’s really all about. If I brought some rays of light into the dark place, my job is done.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment.
    Go Pats!


  2. It was an amazing game and just goes to show that you can never count the Pats out.

    No, you really can’t.
    Great team, great coach.
    The trip to Indy should be fun…


  3. *ducks* Booo. *ducks* The one loss I couldn’t bear…Chargers played a pathetic game, and that’s why they lost.

    Actually, the Chargers outplayed the Pats if you look at the stats.
    I’m surprised at the attitude of LT though.
    If you know and watch them, the Pats weren’t trying to show anyone up. They’re a pretty humble crew.
    It was a tough game and they came out on top.
    They were happy for God’s sake.
    LT showed a side of pro ball that just isn’t pretty.
    IMHO, If the shoe were on the other foot, New England never would have reacted in that way.
    Ah, well…
    The Chargers are a great team but it’s apparent they desperately need a new coach.


  4. I’m rooting for the Saints to go all the way as a comeback of they year feel good win…..besides it would be good for football

    You visiting the right blog?
    The Saints blog is several hundred clicks away…


  5. Another gutsy win for a team with (finally) a long history of gutsy wins. Another playoff choke for a coach with a long history of those, as well.

    Still, it would be a damn shame if the poor bastard lost his job after his team had the best record in football. Life is cruel.

    Maybe he could do a 180 and contact the Celtics front office.
    He can’t do any worse than Rivers is currently doing.


  6. Yeah, poor Doc. And he seems like such good guy, too.

    As for the Patriots, they’re not the youngest, the biggest, or the fastest team in the NFL, but in the last two minutes of a game they are simply the most dangerous.


    You think? 😉


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