Michael Brecker died of leukemia this past Saturday and not surprisingly
the jazz world seems to be just a bit less. . . for me anyway.
If you think you’ve never heard of Brecker, think again.
Check his discography as a session player.
I’ve no doubt you’ll say, oh my God.
I’ve listened to him for over 25 years and have loved everything he ever gave to the listening world. I was fortunate enough to see him play many years ago at Paul’s Mall in Boston.
Brecker was 57 years old.
I found this tribute at YouTube and thought it was a peaceful, albeit sad way to remember a man that inspired me in many ways.
Rest in peace, MB …



4 thoughts on “Brecker

  1. it’s always sad when one of our heroes leaves us. but the joy is that he lives on and will do so forever in the gift of his music left to us.

    And what a hero he was. Amen, Sarah.
    Thanks for listening.
    And Brecker lives on…


  2. Michael, I feel the loss! My grandson who is 11 has leukemia,,,and I wish him a long life. He makes ‘good music’, he makes me laugh, and laughter is the music in our soul.

    Prayers for you and your grandson, Matty.
    Hang in there.
    Sounds like a brave little guy there.


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