Merry Christmas 2006

The next few days will find me incredibly busy.
I’ll check my stats and email occasionally but that will be about it.
No new posts until sometime next week.
Until then, may your heart be light and your Christmas be white. . .

Happy Holidays all!



12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2006

  1. merry christmas to yourself, pam and the girls michael…i was going to do my rounds tomorrow night then decided to start tonight…you were first on the list…no surprise there i guess…
    i hope christmas is all you wish it to be…full of family and gallons of eggnog 🙂


  2. Merry Christmas Michael, Pam, and your wonderfully lucky girls.
    Here’s hoping the eggnog never runs out, love fills the air and your heart sings once again. You truly deserve it.


  3. I want to thank everyone for stopping by.
    The blog is now back to the good old “Chaotic Soul” template.
    I think it’s a keeper.
    Maybe Vermillion Christmas next year, I’ll see.
    Hope everyone’s holiday was great.
    Mine was fantabulous.
    2007 here I come…



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