Mr. FDSP (FancyDancySchmancyPants)


When it comes to dancing, I suck.
Ask my wife. She knows.
Oh sure, I have rhythm but I just look so frickin’ stupid.
If you want to see me dance, click on the picture above and have a laugh on me.
I still can’t seem to get the hang of the Macarena.
Oh, well…


10 thoughts on “Mr. FDSP (FancyDancySchmancyPants)

  1. Don’t feel bad, Michael. My husband refuses to dance, and I have a “two-step” method that has been the butt of many jokes.

    Your husband sounds like a very smart man. 😉


  2. i love the whole turned up toes with bells on them thing you have happening there…but don’t feel too bad michael..they made fun of rudolph too and he’s a legend now 🙂

    Yeah, my head is a bit too big to ever be an actual elf, much less a legend. 😉
    I’d be very ‘top heavy’. The curled up toe thingy worked for me though.
    I ‘elfed’ my male cat Sherlock which pissed him off royally….so he says.
    I told him it was his comeuppance for killing our artificial Christmas tree.


  3. I’ll have to wait till I get back to work with a hi-speed connection to see this. And I don’t think it will be tomorrow. I’m going to the doctor – try to find out why I’ve had 102 fever for four days. (Sympathy will be appreciated.)

    Ouch. 102?
    Get thee to an M.D.
    Then onto a tepid bath.
    Feel better, sleep and drink plenty of water/tea.
    Timing is everything, ain’t it?


  4. That’s hilarious!! Looks like you’ve got plenty o’rhythm for a white guy!! Remember the saying “Dance like no one is watching (and laughing.)”

    I want to see Carnealian dance… 😉


  5. Okay now, don’t laugh but…my reaction to this is like your reaction to garden gnomes. It kinda creeped me out. LOL – especially with your head on it. Yoiks!

    You make me laugh.
    And that’s a very good thing…


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