Google 911

I’m amazed on a daily basis as to what I can find on the net. From obscure colognes like Salvador Dali to disgusting products such as the turdtwister, the speed at which the internet puts these things at our fingertips is downright scary.

I was looking for neither of the above products but I was looking for a song from a long time ago. I remember the video as well as the song but I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of the artist(s) that performed it.

Where’s a guy to go?
I Googled the first line of the song:
“you don’t know how to ease my pain, you don’t know . . . “

Man, Google delivered faster than a Josh Beckett fastball.

The name of the song was “Cry” from a band that went by the name of Godley and Crème. Godley and Crème?
You may know these guys better as 10CC (I’m not in love)
Interesting track record for these two guys. Chances are you’ve seen videos they’ve produced.

I’ve posted the video below because I wanted to watch it again and share it with those of you who may remember it.
I know of at least two bloggers that will watch and listen to this and say, “He’s lost it. I think he’s gay.”
Though I’m a blatant heterosexual, I’m posting it anyway. :0)
Very cool tune and a great video.
Check it out.