Never Grow Old


Most folks that know me know that I loved David Bowie.
He’s was as unpredictable as a 65 degree January day here in New England.
He was the quintessential ‘box of musical chocolates‘.
You never knew what you were going to get.
You would reach in and maybe pick one that tasted like it was filled with Colgate toothpaste.
You’d gag and say, “Yuck,” and maybe spit it out but inside you’d think, hmmm, it wasn’t that bad.
But now and then one chocolate was quite simply extraordinary.
So it was with Bowie and his many musical gems.
I’m going to miss his element of surprise.
I read this article from the Steinway ‘Listen’ Magazine and thought it was quite good.
Has some incredible photos of the man himself as well.
Good for a morning read with steaming a cup o’ joe.
You can read it HERE.