Cabbage Ass

Something short and sweet, so to speak . . .

Someone floated an air biscuit on the train this morning, a silent sulfur scream (SSS) so deadly in intent that my eyes literally crossed.
Dude, if you’re sick, go to the hospital.
It was odd the way people picked their heads up one by one and started looking around for the gravy pants responsible for the great brown cloud.
There were only 12 or so people in the car I was riding in so it was a bit uncomfortable.
I heard one guy groan and say, “Oh, man.”
Oh, man is right.
The odor of the unholy airlock was almost indescribable.
Oh, alright, I’ll try. I’m already grossed out anyway (as you will soon be, as well).
It was somewhere between ripe, warm and hairy egg salad and way-past-the-due-date hamburger. My olfactory senses are somewhat dulled at this time of the morning but I definitely detected a hint of burnt string bean casserole.
It was right after that when people started getting up one by one in search of a fresher car to ride in. Not wanting to be seen as the person that “drew the mud”, I too got up and left the fragrant car.
It was painfully clear that this demanding piece of colon-speak wasn’t going anywhere.
I overheard a woman say to someone, “Well, I’m certainly awake now!”
She sounded almost pleased.
As soon as I stopped my eyes from watering, I found a new seat.


Running the numbers

Found an amazing site run by Chris Jordan.
It’s a bit hard to explain but if you look at the picture above you’re actually looking at
125,000 one-hundred dollar bills ($12.5 million), the amount our government spends every hour on the war in Iraq.
Click on Benjamin above and see some incredible sights.
As stated, the artwork on the site was intended to be seen in person to have the impact with which it was intended.
Either way, it blew me away.
I’m curious about you.


Veggie Idea

A while back I posted this about the Veggie car.
Recently, my friend Colin sent me a link to the video above.
The video, which was entered into a “Convienient Truths” contest, features his son Caric.
I’m blown away not only by the awesome planet friendly idea but by the fact that the last time I saw Caric he was wearing diapers.
Tough to get old. Caric sounds almost as smart as his old man. {grin}
Anyway, the contest is all about heightening awareness regarding the global warming issues we currently face.
A kid, a car and an idea. . .
I think I like it.


Sorry I’ve been absent from commenting on my favorite blogs.
Didn’t want to get phlegm all over your dashboards.
See all of you next week.