Nice gallery, dude

Spent most of the day sleeping. Sick. Yuk.
Haven’t replied to one comment due to a total lack of energy.
Click on the picture above and check out the artwork of Fabian Perez. Nice stuff.
The next few days will keep me far away from the blog so take care of the place until I’m back sometime over the weekend.
Hopefully, I’ll be feeling a bit less shitty than I do right now.
Over and out, folks . . .



4 Weeks (or A man’s survival guide to PMS)

Found this video posted at Galvanized.
It’s a bit long (@13 mins) but I had a really good laugh
and thought it was good enough to share.
Click on the picture above to go to the site of the video.
And be sure to visit Galvanized if you’re looking for a cool blog to check out.



I am currently a mucus machine on overdrive.
If I could find a way to hook up some wipers to my monitor, I would continue to blog.
Sick, huh?
Ah, in a perfect world.
Watch for some mindless stuff over the next few days while I try to recuperate.
Later gators. I’m off to drink some tea. . .