Klaus Nomi (gotta love the bowtie)

I checked my “search stats” today and one caught my eye:

‘beer or smoke – which one is worse for you’

Hmmm . . .
I’d have to say neither.
What’s way worse is too much Klaus Nomi . . .
Too much Nomi will eventually fry your brain.
It’s Charlie Chaplin meets Gary Numan
And then some . . .
Yoiks. (or Yolks)
Happy Easter, folks.
No happy and snappy eggs for you. Sorry.
Hopefully, I’ll see you all back here next week.

peace, out . . .


Nasty Bunny


Top Ten Signs Your Easter Bunny is losing his MoJo

  1. Shows up wearing the costume head and nothing else.
  2. Reeks of tequila and Easter egg dye.
  3. Immediately asks if he can have Easter off.
  4. Refuses to hop because it aggravates his double hernia.
  5. For an extra 20 bucks, parents can buy an ounce of his special “Easter grass”.
  6. Only gives the kids candy after they attend his presentation on the time-share condos.
  7. Keeps muttering something about “infidels” and “jihad”.
  8. Costume is made from animal skin he scraped off the interstate.
  9. Habitually licks and grooms himself.
  10. The enormous ears? Steroids.

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter.
You are all in my prayers, whether you celebrate Easter or not…
See you all next week.
And I love hard-boiled eggs.
Oui, je suis tres content. (Hannah’s Genious Here)
I’m outta here!
Gotta hide some ovals . . .