the Empathetic Gardener

She withers
head bent, possibly in prayer
longing for an oasis, a distant mirage in her thirsty mind

She cries
and tears fall, like raindrops,
disappearing into an arid, chocolate-coloured soil

She sleeps
while impossible clouds form, from some silent and sacred place
drenching the parched earth with a hope

the Sun shines
and the water of life seeps into her dreams
filling the soul with good things; understanding words,
compassionate whispers, small prayers

She rises
the warmth of the Sun on her face
surrounded by lush lavender, butter yellows, smooth pinks and
the tender hands of some unknown but tender Gardener
She feels enough love to grow on forever
And she does . . .


~ thanks to my deepest inspiration for this post
I offer my deepest gratitude for her compassion and unending thoughtfulness.
She’s quite the Gardener

16 responses to “the Empathetic Gardener

  1. Wow, your use of descriptive words is awesome! What a visual I get. It’s so beautiful!

    As beautiful as the writer known as “Annie”
    Visit her. She’s funderful . . . (*sp error intended)

  2. Ok,
    time to bind your treasures in half maroon morocco, with “Smoke and Mirror’s finest” stamped in gilt above M.Murphy.

    ‘The empathetic Gardener’ deserves nothing less and would be in excellent company amongst ‘The Frozen Man’, ‘Nebula’, ‘Size of Sorrow’, ‘Zero for Zooz’, ‘5 Miles to Vandemere’ (yes I know, not quite completed yet ;-) ), ‘Anima Oscura’, ‘Cerulean Blues’, ‘Father and Son’, ‘Crescent’………..

    Wanna be my agent? ;)

  3. I read this, my jaw hits the ground, and then I remember you saying {and not so long ago} “I don’t see myself as a poet”
    What a load of bunkum! How you could even think that, let alone say it, after this beautiful piece is beyond me.
    This is right up there with “those” posts ~m…
    Stunned, delighted, moved and more…
    The visual it creates is…

    Alright, I’ll take the ‘poet’ moniker.
    I could thing of worse titles, I guess ;)

  4. You have the soul of a poet, my friend. I am sure that those saluted appreciate your words.

    These days my soul aches.
    kinda sucks . . .
    thanks, bud for caring

  5. holy shit, batman!

    i agree with moe, you’re a freakin’ poet and you don’t know it.
    {now THAT was poetic!}


    i am not sure how i can’t do this one in calligraphy as well…

    ~ Constant Reader

  6. I’m sure living where you do, there are plenty of opportunities for you to go to poetry readings. If you ever decide to wander, get on the train and come to PA. I know of a place where you could do some poetry reading. They’d love you. I can also hook you up with a friend in NYC that is a published poet and reads at the Bowery Poetry Club among other places. This is a nice little piece and reminds me that my flowerbeds are a wreck!

  7. ~m squared,

    “there’s got to be an easier way than this.” um, yeah, john-boy…submitting your works to publishers. ike godsey will let you know when the mail comes in to godsey’s general store. why, he may even deliver it personally on his motorbike. and we’re not talkin’ vanity publishing, either, nossir…

    FACT: your writing is incredible.

    FACT: your stories are just BEGGING to be told.

    FACT: you owe it to the general public!

    FACT: 171,831 readers can’t be wrong.

    NIKE: just do it!

  8. I must agree with the others – you are the man. Your stories inspire others and are full of emotion and visual beauty.

    You make me so jealous. LoL. I love your work.

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