Is it possible that angels walk among us?
I’ve never given serious thought to that question before but I’m beginning to think that the possibility actually exists.
I believe I may have one.
I’m mentioning names here or whether it’s a man or a woman.
It doesn’t really matter, does it?
I will clarify one issue by saying that if you’re on my blogroll, it’s definitely not you.
Don’t take it personally; you are all angels to me in some sense of the word.

There is a person in my life right now that almost fills my own personal notion of an angel.
A George Burns?
God, no.
I think I may be losing it  :mrgreen:

It’s comes down to a feeling I get when this person asks how I’m doing.

I answer this person honestly, something I don’t usually do with anyone aside from my wife (and yes, she is one of my favorite angels).
The conversation between this ‘angel’ and me is nothing weird or intrusive, it just is.
But it has a depth to it that I just can’t explain.
Just thinking a little bit more about this than usual today, I guess.
I checked my Gmail tonight and received a personal message from a Smoke and Mirrors reader. (so many out there, huh?) 😉
I got a chill when I read the e-mail’s title: Angel’s Poem
A God wink?
Who knows?
Maybe my angel does . . .


13 thoughts on “GreySlate

  1. I believe. For sure. I’m glad for ya, and also think you need it in your life now (and always, ‘cuz let’s be honest; everyone needs an angel).

    I got one. maybe more . . .


  2. They’re out there. And I can generally find a way to corrupt them. Take care bud.

    “And I can generally find a way to corrupt them.”
    Now there’s a surprise. 😉


  3. Are Angels and Ghosts the same thing?

    Not really.
    But I guess some ghosts could be considered ‘angels’
    Never really thought about it.
    Once again, S, you make me look at the world differently. Nice.


  4. We all have angels ~m…sometimes we’re lucky enough to have them come out in the open…you’re one of the lucky ones…mind you, you deserve on too…
    I have no doubt you’re in line for some wings yourself one day..some of us can almost see them now

    Too sweet, Moe. I’m off to fly to work . . . 😉


  5. Without sounding like a bonafide whack job, I think angels can come to you in living beings. I think my father came back in my Lester cat that just passed away. Lester and I were buds. We just clicked. He protected me. We had a very strong bond. And one time when I went to see a psychic she asked if I could feel my father around me because he was. Then I thought, I bet it’s Lester! Oh geez, I sound like a bonafide whack job.

    Not at all.
    Cats? The various personalities are amazing.
    No doubt Dad came back for a visit.
    How cool is that?
    Nice to hear from you, Carn.
    Hope life is treating you well.
    I will be by soon.


  6. Oh, I firmly believe in angels.

    Reading the “This Present Darkness” series by Frank E. Peretti, helped me believe that even though its a work of fiction – opened my eyes to the possibilities of angels around us all of the time.


  7. “Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.”

    Hebrews 13:1-2



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