Size of Sorrow

My sister and I have noticed some changes in our father.
Whenever we talk to him about ‘old times’ (instead of just sitting there staring vacantly out the window) his eyes fill with tears. He’s not totally crying but something is definitely going on.
We wonder what’s really going through his mind?
It was this thought and some help from the band “Tears for Fears” that are responsible for the inspiration behind this post.
I didn’t plan on posting tonight but sometimes you just have to let some of your writing go.

the Size of Sorrow

Carbon-copy days
Stain my mimeographed life
Wondering if today is some strange and future tomorrow

Time meanders away
some perpetual 36-hour day
But what is the size of sorrow?

a Fool on the hill
a sad silhouette of your absence
what remains breaks the heart of the borrow

Tomorrow is near
like an invisible tear
I’m wondering what is the size of your sorrow?


11 thoughts on “Size of Sorrow

  1. Wow, what a poet you are! This is a sad one…..I’m sorry for the pain you feel for your Dad and for whatever he is going through.
    “a sad silhouette of your absence
    what remains breaks the heart of the borrow”
    Thinking of you!

    I personally refrain from the ‘poet’ moniker because I still don’t think that I am one.
    If someone ‘finds’ some gem in my writing then I am truly happy.
    You know me personally so I honestly think that makes a difference in terms of interpretation.
    And knowing you personally makes me so lucky.
    Blessed, as well.
    It’s no wonder why we chose you as Hannah’s Godmother.
    You are a special one.


  2. Prayers to you and your family, it’s a hard helpless thing to go through. May you find rest and some ease from time to time in your writing.

    I thank you dearly for the heartfelt comment.
    Not many new visitors are willing to leave their thoughts.
    Much appreciated.


  3. This is a sad, but understandable post, on so many levels…
    Perhaps it’s best you don’t know what’s going through his mind? Whilst the unknown can be scary or confusing, there are times when it’s best too…
    Talk soon my friend, but until then we’ll be thinking about all of you, and your Dad

    I knew you’d ‘get’ it . . .


  4. I’m still convinced that he hears and sees it all, but just can’t find a way to tell you. Poor Wally, I’m sending him a hug.

    He gladly accepts the hug. I will deliver it next week.


  5. M-this made me cry. I hate that you all have to go through this and pray most of all for your peace.

    One of these days it will be over and mom and dad will once again be together.
    No more goodbyes, just a long time no see . . .
    Thanks, Kim.


  6. Thanks for the kind words! I got all teary-eyed reading your reply. I am blessed to be Hannah’s Godmother and to have all of you in my life.
    I agree about the difference in interpretation.
    My aunt/godmother is in late stages and has recently come out with random words. She said my sister Kim’s name, when Kim and my mom were visiting. I guess we really don’t know, but I do believe she can hear us. To hear your Dad gladly accepts hugs, is so wonderful. Please deliver one from me!

    She can definitely hear you and feel your love.
    That’s one thing my mother and my father never lost.
    Thank God for that.


  7. powerful words, lovely drawing…

    i believe sorrow is extra-large and all-encompassing…it can change people dramatically and permanently. i just thank God you have a wonderful family and caring, supportive friends who help to balance out the darkness with such bright light…

    “our father” is also very moving and beautfiully written.

    encourage him to cry! oh, to glimpse just a glimmer of the thoughts and fears and feelings that fill him…

    i believe sorrow is extra-large and all-encompassing

    Amen, sister.


  8. Amazingly written. The love and care you have for your father is absolutely evident in your writings. Thank you for sharing.

    All about the sharing here.
    Too bad it always seems so sad . . .


  9. ~m, I have no words that can be helpful, I can just say that your words move me and it’s so evident that you love your dad so dearly. I’m thinking of you and wishing you peace.

    Thanks so much, LL
    Much appreciated.


  10. Our family was taking about our history last weekend and I have regretted not continuing on with my family geneology. It was a project I worked on when my mother was sick and once she passed, I lost all inspiration.

    I think I may have to dig it out again.

    I have a hard time thinking about the times with my mom without tears forming in my eyes. Looking back is an emotional thing.


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