Not drowning, waving

Wanted to check in and just let you know I’m alive and well.
I thank all of you for continuing to visit.
I’m trying hard to make my way around the bloghorn but somedays are just hell.
Once things settle down a bit, I will be back.
I have so much writing in my journal just screaming to be posted but . . .
Be safe and be well, folks.
See all of you in a bit.


14 thoughts on “Not drowning, waving

  1. Thank goodness you’re alive and well! Thanks for making it over to my neck of the woods…your comments are always appreciated and I look forward to them.

    Hope things settle down for you very soon – I wish you well.

    Things are far from settling down but thanks so much for checking in.
    I’m trying hard to juggle many things right now.
    Blog comments being one of them :mrgreen:


  2. You have other priorities…we’re not going anywhere I don’t think…I’ve bought a tent to keep the rain off and all!
    Trying not to do any damage with the campfire, I’m keeping it under control

    Love ya, babe 😉


  3. Well, we’re here for whenever the screaming journal entries are posted. Hope things are well!

    They’re all screaming!!!!!! 😉
    Hey, leave your URL in my comments so people can visit you (before I start doing it).
    You’re a great blogger and deserving of more readers.


  4. I here your pain 🙂 I WANT TO READ MORE THOUGH 🙂

    Troll the archives, K
    Lots of good stuff hiding in there.
    Thanks so much for the comment.


  5. Dude…I was just telling Evyl and my other peeps this community rocks because we all have busy times/haitus moments but we’re here for each other. That sentiment being conveyed. Hurry up and get your ass back here. I love your writing and your comments. 😛

    Ali, you rock in ways unimaginable.
    I’ll be by for a visit before the weekend is up. Need the fix.
    Thanks, kiddo


  6. Hm.
    Just plain perfect?

    I stopped writing blog posts and my handwritten journal is chock-a-block (no idea if that’s how it’s spellt) full of me, of others, of life. Plus I’ve forgotten how much just love the flow of fresh ink on paper. Computers may make it easier/faster to write. But they just don’t match up in pleasure.

    Think you understand. Again. 🙂

    Fresh ink on paper? God, how I love that.


  7. 3 days with nothing and you are worrying? Jeez. That is like a vacation for you!

    Relax, your fans will still be here. Or at the very least – I will me. LoL


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