10 thoughts on “a Quickie

  1. And it’s not just fuel. It is everything because of fuel. Have you checked out the cost of cooking oil lately? It has freakin’ doubled due to the increase in the production of ethanol. And don’t even get started with the cost of milk. Everything is going up except paychecks. Aaargh, it just plain sucks.


  2. The problem with the government stepping in is it sthe government. if something isn’t quite screwed up enough just get the government involved…
    I know
    I work in government.


  3. I’ve been trying to walk places I can walk to safely. I’ve been walking to work two days out of the week. If I could find a safe bike path, I’d be riding. I’m not buying into the machine.


  4. Over 5.00 a gallon here by the time you convert the litre price, but it would seem you’r catching up fast in some parts of the country…sucks big time, both here and there


  5. Just checking in. People are reading. That’s good.
    And Gas prices?
    Yeah, they suck.
    Period, Amen.
    Thank the good Lord I don’t drive a Hummer.
    Thanks for all the comments folks.
    Busy as a bee . . .


  6. Yeah I picked I wonderful time to buy a house – an hour away from work! At that was when it was just over $2 a gallon.

    Sigh…sometimes my timing sucks.


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