Temporarily signed off . . . kinda

I’m going to be out of here for a little bit.
Lots of stuff going on folks.
A few opportunities that I can’t pass up will inevitably keep me far away from the comfort of Smoke and Mirrors.
I do promise to return.
Just not sure when . . .
(I left you with a nice pic though, didn’t I?)


14 thoughts on “Temporarily signed off . . . kinda

  1. What? You would let real life get in the way of blogging? What are you, like, a person or something?
    Stick that needle back in you vein and get your ass back here!
    Good luck.


  2. Well this time out comes at a good time for me since I am catching up on about a month worth of posts!

    Hope all is well, of course by now – you probably have posted what the time off is all about. I am reading these in order so bear with me.


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