for a friend

If there was a star in the sky
I’d wish upon it
better days for you . . .
But sometimes it feels the stars
are all taken, leaving the sky dark and godforsaken; a desperate space

this self-imposed penance is just that
as is the self-denial of a solace richly deserved

the light of the soul never dies
but occasionally flickers;
a sign that things do change
black to white, night to day

there’s a star in the sky
and I’m wishing on it
better days for you . . .

if you’re left wondering about the star
i put it there
just remember I may need you to find me one someday . . .
I wish you faith, love and a belief that life goes on
because it does.


13 thoughts on “for a friend

  1. You have a very lucky friend. This is so sweet, but then, you always are! You really are, do you know that? I love that about you!

    Schweet? Awwww, shucks . . .
    It’s just me.
    Tanks, LL


  2. Tears are in my eyes. What a kind gift to give a friend. Thank you for sharing.

    It’s kinda what I do here, I like to think.
    It makes me happy to see people comment in such a way that makes my friend feel better.
    Tanks, MsK


  3. semper gumby. the human spirit – to both endure grief and provide comfort – never ceases to amaze me…

    The human spirit lives on . . .
    ‘Semper Gumby’?
    Love it.


  4. “But sometimes it feels the stars are all taken,
    leaving the sky dark and godforsaken; a desperate space…”

    DUDE! for someone taking a break, you are totally rocking this space.

    i know this wasn’t written for me, but i’m going to fold it up and put it in my pocket anyway.

    what a beautiful piece. no surprise there.

    You SO get it.
    One of the things I love about you.
    Tanks, Y


  5. touching…sweet…to have such friends as you people are truly blessed ~m…
    i’m enjoying this break of yours…can you take more?

    I am finally taking a break.
    Lots on the writing menu . . .


  6. A friend gave me a gift of a star once many, many years ago while lying in the snow up on a Swiss Mountain. I’ve never seen the stars as bright as up on the Mountains where there is no other light.

    I haven’t seen that star in over 20 years. But I feel it’s there. And the next time I’m up on a Mountain, or in the Desert or sailing in the Ocean, or hiking way inland of the Canadian Wilderness, I will look for it. I still remember exactly where to find it.

    Then I also have another star, which I always see in the Winter time, since it’s part of Orion.

    Funny enough, although they are supposed to be ‘mine’, whenever I do look at them, it’s the person who gave them to me that shines.

    I’m seeing a bright future for you my friend! 🙂

    Your response to this was exactly as expected.
    That someone ‘gave’ you a star is no surprise to me.
    You are a gift. Someone just returned the favor.


  7. Ohh… Sweet sweet” brother of mine” . . .
    As the tears run down my face , I am at a loss for words .
    It’s so beautiful, so precious, from the bottom of my heartI Thank You . . .
    You are a magnificent man ….Luv You

    Ahhh, the comment I was waiting for.
    I pray it brought you some peace.
    love ya sista


  8. You are truly amazing. Now quit making me say that over and over again – it’s getting repetitive!

    Another great work. I shall be awaiting some kind of published work from you soon.


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