the Boy

Guinness, my male Bengal, has told me no more posts until I visit some people on my blogroll.
He says I should be more of a giver.
That’s the way he rolls, I guess. (right now he wants me to give him a treat)
Yeah, he is one hep cat.
Have a serene weekend, folks.
See all of you on Monday.
Got a good one on the backburner.
Stop back.


14 thoughts on “the Boy

  1. I’m catnapping him when we come back to Oz, you know that dont you? Best be checking the house thoroughly {or our bags} before we leave ~m..hope you gave him his treat??? he’s cute enough to give a whole bag of treats to…

    Yeah, he got a treat or two.
    I gotta warn ya, he’s a frisky one.
    Catnapping is going to be one hell of a tough job.
    You have to get through my wife first. 😉


  2. Thanks for coming by and (at least seeming to 😉 ) make it through my latest long posts.

    Guess I’ll have to send Guiness a treat.

    My animals have been fed and Dog wants to be taken out for walk. The weather outside is frightful but not as frightful as having to deal with a smelly mess inside the house, I guess.

    Wonderful weekend to you all.


    There are some very nice things happening at your blog these days, S
    I enjoyed my visit immensely.


  3. You could enter this photo in a contest……what a beautiful baby boy! Awwwwww………

    Pamela took this picture.
    She has quite the eye.
    Then again, Guinness is fairly easy to photograph.
    You just have to catch him at the right time.


  4. u have such a helpful cat. My cat, which isn’t even mine, tells me to buzz off from my own house!And sometimes also get him some plutonium.

    Plutonium, eh?
    keep an eye on him. he’s up to something :mrgreen:


  5. Oh my Guinness (heh, I couldn’t resist), he is a beauty. I love his eyes…he’s got that dozy-I-trust-you-completely (because I know you’re going to give me a treat) look.

    If ever you should get a cat, make it a Bengal.
    They are unlike any cat I’ve ever had.
    The personality is incredibly friendly.
    And they look cool . . .


  6. Wait, I’ve seen Aniche’s cat before. Named Oppenheimer? Wears a fedora and quotes Sanskrit? Has a degree in physics? You betcher ass you better keep an eye on him!

    Quotes sanskrit? A fedora?
    Must have a briefcase too . . .


  7. Sounds like a lovely idea unless you’re like me, who upon arriving home found my Google Reader numbers to be at 1000+ unread posts and then the idea becomes completely overwhelming. 🙂

    Yeah, the Google reader kinda freaks me out.
    Think I’ll stick to my usual routine 😉


  8. My Rocco, he is also a giver. He likes to share his presence, loud and proud, through out the neighborhood. Oh wait. I forgot. It is HIS neighborhood and he shares it with us, blithely allowing up presence in one of HIS houses. He really nice that way.

    It’s all on their terms, isn’t it?


  9. He’s so stinkin cute!!! He needs a hug. I just lost my tiger-boy Lester last week. It’s quiet around here. I’m thankful that I don’t have to worry about him anymore, he’s safe and cared for. I sure loved that boy.

    I’m sorry, Carn.
    Lester sounds like he was one cool dude.
    Rest in Peace, Les


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