I’ve been out straight with all sorts of things lately but I saw this video and had to post it.
As a musician, I am in awe of this guy.
Not sure if he came before ‘August Rush’ or if he was the actual inspiration for it.
Judging from the movie clips I’ve seen, the August Rush kid smiles way too much for my comfort.
Kinda freaky and ala the Shining, so very unlike Mongrain.
Check it out.
This is some tres cool shit.
Off to bed, folks.


11 thoughts on “Mongrain

  1. awesome!

    AUGUST RUSH was a pretty cool movie; robin williams scared the bejeesus outta me in that film. i am not entirely sure that there is such a thing as smiling too much these days. happiness is sparse. i think his true joy is hearing and feeling music is revealed in that glorious little lit-up face.

    i could use a little myself; thanQ for sharing that. wonderful!

    I have to rent the movie now.
    I’ve had many folks tell me it was wonderful.
    I agree with the smiling thing. The world needs more of it.
    But this kid looks like he has a monkey in his pants or something (and it’s totally getting his freak on)


  2. Ok, have to admit I just completely fell for August Rush. Wisely watching it myself on PPV on one of those insomnia nights, hubby came ‘disturbing’ me during the last half hour.

    “Cheese” comments couldn’t be avoided at the end. Him being North American and me being European, hubby’s cheese knowledge however is limited. It might have looked liked cheese but as a modern fairy tale, I really very much enjoyed the story. We need more stories like these. Very much along the lines of “Finding Neverland”. Same smiling actor too, just this time he indeed smiles more.

    Behold the power of cheese!


  3. To sound like a teenager….Wicked Cool! It was a great listen! Thanks!!!

    Check back often. Got a few more gems in my back pocket.


  4. I haven’t seen the movie, so will have to check out what’s it’s about. That guitar player is very talented. I had no idea you could make those kinds of sound on a guitar.

    I think they call it “lap tapping”.
    (no dirty joke inserted here)
    Check out a guy named Charlie Hunter. Another guitar phenom.
    Hunter plays an 8-string guitar. Probably can’t tie his shoes but . . .


  5. Makes me wish I had musical talent. ANY musical talent.

    Great vid man. I would love to hear more from him.

    There are a few more videos at YouTube.
    Check ’em out!


  6. close your eyes and he sounds like Michael Hedges (R.I.P.)… but this is fascinating to watch! i’ve tried to make any kind of controlled noise using this percussive technique and it just sounds like a chimp playing the zookeepers guitar.

    never seen/heard him before – abosolutely mindblowing!

    Hedges was a big influence on Mongrain.
    Yeah, the kid got chops.


  7. Who in planet X is giving you all these links? Another Alien in our midst!
    I’m a borrowing a phrase from “Big Papi”: “The guy is filthy!”
    Meaning:”Absolutely incredible!”
    See you soon brother….
    Miss ya!

    Filthy? Damn yeah, that’s one description. 😉
    Miss you too, mi hermano.
    Cigarro? Me, you? Soon? I hope so.
    Got a few set aside for you, bro.


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