7 thoughts on “Mikey go boom-boom

  1. wow! cool new format! and you rocked the title, too.

    “someone is wrong on the internet.” LMAO

    nice little tribute by writerchick; you have true fans and admirers aplenty. lots of inspiration in this heah space.

    I do have a few fans, don’t I?


  2. Yeah, things are finally slowing down here, just in time for the baby to come and send things into a whirlwind.

    Hope things are well my friend.

    Keep me posted on the babe.


  3. Sleep? Sleep you say???
    I thought you never slept ~m…the indefatigable {now theres no WAY that’s a word is there??} man
    Hope you sorted out the person who was wrong btw! How dare they??

    I spell checked the word and yeah, it’s all about me.
    And sleep? For amateurs . . .


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