Most of the time I’m able to let the daily bullshit and banter sift through the cranial grates inside my cue ball noggin but on occasion I get a difficult clinker that won’t pass through.
I have to take it out and look at it and figure out why I can’t mentally digest it.
Case in point: the other night I was surfing the net for the latest in the way of books on Alzheimer’s disease; a simple and innocent task, right?
Imagine my surprise (and horror) to find a book titled “Alzheimer’s for Dummies”.
Needless to say, my searching was over for the night.
I’d found a seriously incongruous clinker that fueled my rage against the literary machine.
I was livid.
This was a subject much too close to home for me and to see it reduced to a ‘manual for dummies’ format personally devastated me.

“Dummies” manuals cover a range of topics: Chess, Poker, MSWord, Windows Vista and Grammar, to name but a few.
But Alzheimer’s disease?
Personally, it was unthinkable.

Why not “Breast Cancer for Dummies”?
How would that go over?
Believe me, I know.
I’ve lost too many friends to the disease and I would be outraged at the total lack of compassion and sensitivity used in publishing such a book.

Never mind.
What the hell is going on here?
I must be losing my mind.

I’ve checked out the contents of the AFD book and I’ve no doubt the author’s intentions were good.
But . . .
So this is what’s it’s come to?
Christ in a sidecar, I’m almost speechless here.
File this one under “roll up that manual and insert forcefully into your keester, sideways“.
But maybe there’s a “Dummies” guide for that as well.
Hey, if ICHC can get a book deal, why the hell not these buttmonkeys?
IMHO, those suffering from this disease deserve an apology from these inconsiderate ‘Dummie’ assholes.
Do I know what I’m talking about here?
Yes, I think I do.
All too well . . .


26 thoughts on “Clinker

  1. The dummying up of America never ceases to stick in my craw. Vent, raise hell, and still the idiocy rolls on. Yet we must continue on using our noggin for something other than to place a backwards ball cap on.

    “stick in my craw”

    I almost used those exact words. Truth.
    Maybe a part of me knew you’d be by. 😉


  2. That’s disgusting.

    I don’t care who the author is, or how well they think they know the subject, or whatever.

    That’s insulting to scientists, doctors, families of patients, and especially the patients themselves.

    Absolutely disgusting.


    Do people not even bother to think for like, two seconds anymore?


    My sentiments exactly.


  3. Psh .. words are non-existent as I’m just flabbergasted right now. I think some complaints are in order.

    Couldn’t agree more.


  4. Unbelievable. Your post lead me to Amazon, where I found other delightful “Dummies” books about chemo and radiation, prostate cancer, diabetes, and canker sores. I’m kidding about that last one, but this really is outrageous.

    yeah, I’m thinking about sending the publisher a list of titles I think cold make them boatloads of money;
    “Surviving Rape- for Dummies”
    “Handling an Autistic child – for Dummies”

    I agree. Out-fucking-rageous.


  5. You know Michael, I have 2 for Dummies books, and both have been purchased recently. In the first one I bought {MYOB} I saw this in the back adverts page and sat there with my mouth open. I had no desire to tell you about it, now I’m wondering if I should have? Either way I think the reaction would have been the same {and rightfully so I might add}
    It never occured to me you would find it this way. DUH!!
    As a general rule I like the Dummies series, because they couch technical explanations, on different subjects, in terms your average person can understand thus they learn, but these 2???
    Fucking horrified at both. I am, as you know, one of the lucky ones who survived the big C, and to think these people can do something like this horrifies me. It trivializes these foul diseases, and we both know there in not one thing trivial about either. That it is a different type of cancer is irrelevant. There is a huge difference between helping a person understand what they or a family member are going through and what they’ve done here.
    On behalf of all rational thinking people I’ll apologise to you and every other person who has ever been touched by Alzheimers, or cancer, for the insensitive, inconsiderate act in publishing these heaps of crap.
    I’m now off to email the cretins who thought either of these books was a good idea. It ain’t gonna be pretty….

    As I said, their intentions were good but . . .
    Either way, I will someday rectify the situation by hook or by crook.
    Have no doubt about that.
    It’s the lack of compassion and sensitivity that drove the nail all the way in. (if that makes sense)
    Thanks for the comment, Moe.
    I could have written it for you and saved you the time. 😉


  6. Look around-Dummies to the left/right/front and behind U!

    laho, you are “all-seeing” and incredibly intelligent. No wonder you’re a dear friend. :mrgreen:
    So glad you left a comment.
    Thanks, bud,


  7. Definitely one of those things that we as a society cannot ever be proud of. Although I used to like the idea of breaking things down easy for me, I am now to the point where I will not under any circumstances be considered a dummy.
    I think the whole book line although maybe well intended is a complete insult. Your example above adds cruelly distasteful and should just be plain burned.



  8. I have to say looking through these comments I must agree on the name of the series. It could have been better thought out, particularly in light of some of the subjects they’ve chosen recently…

    Once again, can I hear an Amen? 😉
    Better thought out? Absolutely.


  9. Grrrr…
    Could we have a series with “ from the writers of Dummies”. Then let’s go with a title a little more appropriate “For those of you yearning for more information about…” lets give it a tag line like understanding more about what is going on with the ones you love.

    I mean come on people…it is just as bad as the book deal for the lol cats. It’s just a shame that people have no hearts or brains for that matter.

    No hearts? No brains?
    Makes me think of Brit & Paris . . .
    How’s about LiLo?


  10. I feel your rage. But I have to ask – why did you give cheezburger a link? They sure don’t need it.

    As to the dummie books – they should have stuck to things like navigating microsoft operating systems. Yet again, another example of the ‘franchise outta control’ syndrome.

    All that being said – rest assured that a person who would be an audience for your book would never buy theirs.

    ICHC link is gone . . . 😉 I don’t know why I linked it in the first place . . .


  11. How low can they go? anything for a buck! insensitive bunch of idiots. Here I sit with my grandson in the hospital getting chemo for Leukemia…he’s sick like a dog……we’ll be going for a transplant soon….and I’m reading everything I can get my hands on about kids and Leukemia.
    But I’m insulted…my mom never raised no dummy and I take offense. This is below the belt.

    Awwwww, Matty. Prayers going out for you.
    Please keep me posted, okay, Matty?


  12. christ in a sidecar, indeed.

    i see dumb people. they walk around like everyone else. they don’t even know they’re dumb.


    “They don’t even know they’re dumb.”



  13. guh. this one has really frosted my cookies.

    “the frozen man,” your one page poem, kicks this book’s ass six ways to sunday. your words sum up a lifetime of feelings that a “manual” could never even address.


    I have a really nice version of the Frozen Man in calligraphy that a friend did for me.
    You’d love it. :mrgreen:


  14. Yeah, those books are like the ‘everything’ book series. It’s sad really, I was just talking to Annie about the whole sixth grade reading level (which to my horror, I found out when I wrote for the newspaper). It’s insulting to all of us in the first place to add a title like ‘dummies’ to any book. But especially so, when it comes to someone else’s pain and suffering. If they’d wanted to launch a sister series off of the dummie books that dealt specifically with diseases, then they should have changed the name. Sorry M, how frustrating. Not that you don’t have enough to deal with already.
    Perhaps I’ll send an email too.


    You understand all too well where I’m coming from.
    Not surprising.
    Thanks, Kim.


  15. Although this quote applies to development, I think it also applies here.

    Programming is a race between software engineers building bigger and better programs, and the Universe producing bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.

    I have never taken a second look at the ‘For Dummies’ series because I’m no dummy.

    As are many of the readers here.
    So nice to hear from you, Lass


  16. You know what upsets me the most? It’s how many people will buy those books instead of titles written by doctors or people who have survived the experience. Sad, sad, sad.

    Sad cubed.


  17. Oh. my. goodness. That’s just awful. Wow… I’ve never glanced at one of those books, but have often joked that the genre had gone to far. I hadn’t even realized just how far gone it was. Yuck…

    too far is putting it lightly . .


  18. I don’t know, M. Maybe copies of AFD should be given to all our legislators in hopes it is at a level of understanding they can handle in order to fund more research for this dreadful disease.

    too smart. And I love it!


  19. Wth I agree.This is very disturbing. I think it is a blatant publicity stunt to help book sales..

    Ah, yup.


  20. Unreal. Having lost a mom to Cancer, and reading about what Matty’s grandson is going through – it just amazing that people won’t open their eyes and see how inconsiderate and insincere these titles are.

    Insincere is absolutely right.


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