Zero for Zooz

Late night, Duke Street
the wet cobblestones shine and sparkle, bubble and squeak; and the dense fog rolls in
the clock tower chimes twelve
And it’s Zero for Zooz

Late night, Duke Street
the gauzy moon bleeds and drips, gaslights burn
and gossamer sheets of a hazy white sift through
the inimical clouds of night
the clock tower chimes three
And it’s Zero for Zooz
Westminster . . .

Sunrise, Duke Street
a languid sun cracks itself open and splashes some invisible and distant horizon with
salmon pinks, royal purples and bright orange crush
the clouds of night rest just beneath the hush of dawn
and the clock tower chimes in crystal silence
And it’s Zero for Zooz
and Westminster waits . . .


15 thoughts on “Zero for Zooz

  1. I feel like I’m standing there…you do this to me all the time!
    Never ceases to amaze me what you can do with words ~m…never….someone else we both know does the same…

    I love when I do ‘this’ to people.
    It’s why I write.
    So glad you liked it.


  2. Great visuals. I love the comparison of the same place at different intervals of time. Very cool and great pic. Love that pic. kim

    Tanks, Kim.
    A fun write, to say the least


  3. Is it as easy for you as it seems?

    Another great piece, man. I am stunned.

    That and I have no clue what inimical was…

    I know that the title sat in my head for a while before it came out in writing.
    Strange little piece.
    Is it easy? I don’t think it’s ever easy.
    Though some days are easier, if that makes sense.
    Thanks for reading Grimm.


  4. Talking about words, I hear ‘inimical’ quite often, but I couldn’t tell you right off what it means. Authors – I’m almost finished reading Pat Conroy’s “Prince of Tides” and pretty much every other page has a word I’ve never heard of. But it hasn’t dampened my desire to finish the book. I’ll look up the words the next time I read it!

    And now that i’ve looked up palindrome, doppelganger, and inimical, I still don’t understand your poem, ~m. But it is interesting. 🙂

    Some things are better left unsaid.
    This little piece leaves much for interpretation.
    Sometimes, even I have to wonder just what it means. 😉


  5. Your pieces are vivid and powerful.

    “the gauzy moon bleeds and drips”

    Inifinitely poignant all the way through.

    It’s a piece that makes me want to read it over and over again, because with each read the words grow stronger and truer in my mind’s eye.

    “It’s a piece that makes me want to read it over and over again . . . “

    Love that comment, D


  6. What a beautiful image you’ve created in my mind!

    Enjoy it, Lumps . . .
    it only lasts for a little while (or until a decent future post) :mrgreen:


  7. And in the light of day the magic diffuses yet images of Duke St, between the days, will stay with me. Zooz is mutable, reader to reader, and to me remains a half-sensed wraith. I wish you wouldn’t do this to me. I see so much, and inspired so much, by your work.

    I appreciate a comment like this more that you know, Archie.
    If what I write inspires someone in a literary sense, I can think of no greater compliment.
    Thanks for reading.


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