9 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. Ah yes, we both go through this around the same time….I’ve been thinking about this date the last couple of days and wondering when I would see this post..
    Thinking of you ~m

    Last minute post, too. I’d been thinking about it but it got lost in the shuffle.
    Glad I remembered.
    Thanks, Moe


  2. she died on her 80th birthday?

    sending you *hugs*

    This post was a bit cryptic for those somewhat new to my blog.
    My mom’s birthday was yesterday. She would have been 80.
    She died on 7.15.2005
    I just like to remember the day she was born is all.
    I thank you for the comment (and the hugs)


  3. There’s an image that previously has only existed in thought. How strangely familiar that feels. We always remember Birthdays, and we do remember the day people pass away, but that day is not really relevant because as soon as we think about them, they die anew. Good thing is though, they become alive again in the next memory.

    You have my hug, anytime.

    Open arms . . .


  4. Yep, the 4th of July is pretty rough on me for the same reason. It’s funny, growing up I thought everyone was shooting off fireworks for my Mom’s birthday.

    Be strong with the knowledge you are not alone my friend.

    I like the fireworks angle. I say keep believing that. 😉


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