Financial Aid?


The average cost per school year at a private college is a whopping $45,000.
Owwwwww . . .
Talk about a comic strip rooted in reality.
My thanks to Grimm for the wonderful previous post.
My hope is that you’ll drop by and say ‘hi’ every now and then.
Thanks for all the great comments as well.
I still find myself laughing when I think of the term
“mattress monkey” . . .


8 thoughts on “Financial Aid?

  1. ~m, that may have been my one good post for the year and I gave it to you…see the love?

    I appreciate you wanting to use my work on your forum and I hope everyone got a kick out of it – I know I had a blast writing it.

    Although the “Doctor of Love” may be pushing it.

    You got more than one good post in you, buddy.
    I just know it.
    Keep the faith, bro and thanks again. Wonderful job. You made me proud.


  2. hmmm…..interesting cartoon! could there be a reason for this, given the tags and categories??? methinks so!
    enjoyed grimms post! as you know i love a good giggle and it gave me one..anything that makes me laugh is a winner from where i’m sitting

    The cartoon was a pure poke at reality for me.
    And as Moonbean said, really depressing.
    Hey, reality can be that way sometimes, you know?


  3. It’s essentially the bribe money you pay to avoid the risk of having to say, “you want fries with that?”

    I have a joke to go along with that.
    What do you say to a Berklee College of Music grad who is standing on your porch?
    “How much for the pizza?”
    Sad, dude. I went to Berklee . . .


  4. Ive left you a question at my place.

    hahahahaa, and yes, sadly that cartoon is completely true.

    I answered but sadly I was soooo late.
    Sorry, Red.
    And yes, I love Dali. Honored you thought of me.


  5. This is too depressing to think about, when I realize those costs will increase over the next 17 years. And I have a son I hope to send to college! Ugh.

    I have two in college now with one in the wings.
    We eat alot of peanut butter.


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