Klaus Nomi (gotta love the bowtie)

I checked my “search stats” today and one caught my eye:

‘beer or smoke – which one is worse for you’

Hmmm . . .
I’d have to say neither.
What’s way worse is too much Klaus Nomi . . .
Too much Nomi will eventually fry your brain.
It’s Charlie Chaplin meets Gary Numan
And then some . . .
Yoiks. (or Yolks)
Happy Easter, folks.
No happy and snappy eggs for you. Sorry.
Hopefully, I’ll see you all back here next week.

peace, out . . .


19 thoughts on “Klaus Nomi (gotta love the bowtie)

  1. I’ll say it!
    Who the fuck is that moron???? I’ve seen him {??} twice now….first and last time!
    Shoot him in the face? Far too mild for an arrangement like this!

    As MoonBeam said, he died in ’63.
    But I’ll bet someone wanted to shoot him in the face back then. 😉


  2. What a hottie. His masculine manner and rich baritone kind of made my knees go a little weak.

    No one needs to shoot him in the face. He’s been dead for a couple of decades.

    I never even heard of the guy until one of my daughters showed me the video.
    Man, he’s WEEEEIIIIRD~ :mrgreen:
    A hottie? I’ll get back to you on that . . .


  3. I think that’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

    Too much Nomi will eventually fry your brain?


    No kidding.

    What is wrong with him?

    I think my brain’s been zapped already.

    Klaus works very quickly, doesn’t he?


  4. LOL! Pee Wee Herman meets SNL’s Ed Grimmley 🙂

    I read your blog tonight. Needless to say you are now one of my peeps (blogrolled). How very fortunate for me that you stopped by. Here’s to your spring grass appearing soon. Happy Easter. Ali

    PeeWee & EdG? I can see that. :mrgreen:
    I appreciate the visit and promise to see you very soon.


  5. As for the hairdo, the first blade pulls the hair out from your face while the other two blades cut it before it snaps below your face’s surface for the closest possible shave.

    You sound like a true “hair pro”.
    I got none so I can’t say anything.
    ~m (aka, the really bald guy)


  6. Dude I am 35 years old and will now have nightmares over this. What kind of cruel world do you live in that you must subject your readers to such horrors…

    Still, it was kinda cool in a very bad slasher movie kinda way.

    in a very bad slasher movie kinda way

    Yeah, huh? Weird.
    The very reason I decided to post it. :mrgreen:


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