5 Miles to Vandmere

I’m sitting cross-legged on a mysterious and deserted beach with nothing but the sound of the incoming tide.
The ocean is dark, brooding and occasionally offers up a glimpse of a dying whitecap. There’s a slight breeze but for the life of me I can’t tell if it’s warm or cool, it just is.
The full moon is partially blocked by the numerous passing clouds but there are intermittent flashes of light, possible thunderstorms that illuminate the wide expanse of beach before me.
I can almost see the curvature of the earth near the horizon.
The sky begins changing day to night, night to day and the passage of 24 hours is not unlike the second hand of some diabolical and uncontrollable timepiece.

The wind begins to scream and I realize that I’m slowly beginning to disappear, grain of sand by grain of sand. I am but a slight aberration in the ground below me.
The image of a weather-beaten sphinx flitters around my dreaming subconscious mind.
It’s then that I see the shadow of a street sign of sorts in the water, roughly 10 feet from the shore. I squint hard trying to see it during the brief intervals of light.

It says “5 miles to Vandmere”, a place I’ve never heard of before.

According to Google, it doesn’t exist; and by the end of my strangely epic dream,
nor do I.
Maybe it’s a place I’m just not supposed to find.
I’m open to any interpretations.
One freaky ass dream, folks.
Should you see any signs for “Vandmere” email me a picture and send directions.
Maybe I should check it out . . .


10 thoughts on “5 Miles to Vandmere

  1. Wonderful visual these words created ~m……and a great pic to start it off with…
    There are many things we’re not supposed to find, or know…they just are….

    Yeah, I guess they just are.
    I couldn’t get rid of this thing on the ride into Boston today.
    Had to write it down.
    Lord knows where it will go from here . . . maybe to Vandmere 😉


  2. Don’t you love it?!!!!
    Can almost hear the first line of a beautiful song…… and somewhere in there: ‘5 miles to Vandmere’…..
    Can you hear it?
    Or is it ‘only 5 miles to Vandmere’…..

    It’s funny. 15 years ago the song would have already been written.
    Goes to show how much I’ve changed over the years.
    But yeah, now that you mention it, I can hear it.


  3. Sounds to me as though you are being guided. This is perhaps a land archaic. Lost to the annuls of time. Perhaps Vandmere is a Provence of Atlantis now swept beneath the seas. Or perhaps the future you see, and Vandmere is an undersea settlement in a post apocalyptic word, either way your dispersement, grain by grain, represents the effects of the passage of time upon civilizations.
    cool beaners

    Can only say ‘WOW’
    Love your mind, Oz . . .


  4. Oh this post makes me want to write a book about the five miles on your way to Vandmere. Or Vandmere itself. The land that no one will ever find but will always dream about as they fall to pieces as grains of sand.

    I’ll be sure to mention you for the credit. 😀

    Direct deposit, please. 😆


  5. And coming at this post from quite a different angle, I have some reading for you as well:

    You will be astonished at the way this book fits with your dream. I believe that we’re sensitive to things outside our commonly-understood space and time parameters, and here’s proof that you and William Hope Hodgson detected the same exact things. What that says about reality, identity, or humanity’s ultimate fate, I do not know.

    Creepy, Rain.
    I did download the book and intend to read it, I think . . .


  6. I remember dreams in high school where about people and places so vivid and clear that I swore were real. That they were out there waiting for me to find them.

    I would also wonder if those other people dreamed the same dream from their perspective with them wondering who the hell I am.

    I still believe the people and places are out there, waiting to be discovered.

    An X-files comment, to be sure . . . 😉


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