10 thoughts on “McDonald

  1. beautiful – someone i know sounds a LOT like this guy…

    he made a christmas CD; can’t remember his name right at this moment :), ’twas beautiful.

    I think his name was ~m


  2. Good stuff there, Michael.
    Saw him on the tube just the other day . . made me think of some feller in the Boston area…

    Moi, perhaps? :mrgreen:


  3. McDonald and Donald Fagen were two of the great voices of the 70’s and 80’s – remember them together on ‘Aja’?

    “I got the news”, “Peg” and “Home at Last” were so incredibly awesome.
    Did I tell you I met Steve Gadd? (drummer on Aja)


  4. “AjA”…. I used to have that record. think my ex ended up with it. he got the cat and I got the kids so I probably gave him the record to even things up

    You got screwed, NM 😉


  5. Yup, she did. ‘Aja’ was a great date record – I gave up two copies in high school and they were worth it ;D

    ~m: you bastidge! Make me feel jealous whydontcha? 😀

    Nah, just wanted people to know that he’s a very nice guy.
    You could go out tonight and have a beer and have a great time.
    He’s just so damn ordinary . . . until you give him a pair of drumsticks
    Click HERE for my version of the Gadd meeting


  6. Amazing how he sounds just as good as he did back in the day…

    Which reminds me of “40-Year Old Virgin” where they keep playing his concert over and over and over…

    In this particular video, Mike’s voice shines.
    I saw him live recently and have to tell you, he’s hurting a bit (think so, Laho?)
    At any rate, I still love the man.
    Many folks think I sound a bit like him.


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