Three Little Pigs

I felt a need to lighten things up a bit here with something not so downtrodden.
I’m a huge fan of Christopher Walken and saw this video on Rain’s blog.
I just had to share it with you folks.

While I’m at it I’d like to offer all bloggers this very important card:

Yes, folks, it’s the Blogger Emergency ID card.
Print it out and use it.
It may come in handy someday all depending on your actual date of departure from parts unknown.
Kudos to the ingenious Moonbeam, a brilliant blogger (and a woman that has already printed out numerous copies of this ID card for her immediate family, butcher, baker and candlestick maker)

Have a bitchin’ weekend, folks.
Here in the Northeast we’re preparing for a deluge of Noah’s Ark proportions . . .
Now where the hell are the 4m Salties?

later gators,


12 thoughts on “Three Little Pigs

  1. “I was shocked,” Mr Mashiah said.

    “The animal clearly wanted to kill me.
    You think???? What a moron! Crocs are known the world over for being predators…this goose was just a feed to him….and only a mouthful at that!
    Please! Spare me from fools!

    Yeah, what a douchebag.
    Better the croc bit his head off . . .


  2. LOL…but what is up with that sweater? i tihnk he must have huffed and puffed and blew bill cosby down. then stole his sweater.

    christopher walken is one of my faves, too…didja ever see him in “brainstorm,” – natalie woods’ last movie? also in s. king’s “dead zone”? the man’s a genius.

    thanQ for the laugh.

    Dead Zone is a definite favorite.
    I’ll have to check out “Brainstorm”.
    The Cosby comment rocked my world. Too funny . . .


  3. “Arrivederci porco due; buon giorno salami” – I can never get enough of Christopher Walken – I wish he had been my dad, who had the driest most unimaginative reading of the 3 Pigs ( kid snoring well before punchline!!!) I think it is why these classics are called bed-time stories; depending on who reads them to a kid determines the speed with which a kid fades into sleep – the more boring the faster the adult can get back to his glass of wine or whatever!!! Thanks for a much needed guffaw. G

    You are so welcome.
    Sounds like you’re a die-hard Walken fan.
    Welcome to the Club :mrgreen:


  4. You know you’re addicted to blogging when you actually consider printing that card out and carrying it.

    I laughed really hard when I read it.

    You know why? Because I’ve actually been sad at the thought that maybe if something happened to me that none of my blogging friends would know…

    Yay the obsession of Web 2.0, yay us.

    The “Card” is a classic.


  5. I love that Walken video so much, but then again, he could eat a chair leg and I’d be enthralled.

    And shucks…thanks for kudos on the card. Being a semi-compulsive worrier, I hope bloggers everywhere will laminate them and carry them in their wallets, or on lanyards around their necks! Maybe I’ll work on a bloggers Medic Alert bracelet next!

    Should have had it copy-written, MB
    Such an awesome (and somewhat dark) idea.
    But really, we all meet the Maker eventually, so . . .


  6. Yeah, gotta get me one of those. And remember: you promised to sing at my funeral. 😉


    I’ll have to find a way to get into “castrato” mode . . .
    mi,mi,mi,mi . . . nope, that ain’t it


  7. Just more proof that Walken can do absolutely anything and turn it into gold.

    Except maybe “Balls Of Fury” I don’t think anyone could have saved that.

    To me, Walken is not unlike a god . . .
    Love the man.


  8. I’ll have to find a way to get into “castrato” mode . . .
    mi,mi,mi,mi . . . nope, that ain’t it

    Oh, that’s easy. Just get caught cheating on your wife. You’ll be a castrato in no time. 😈


    No, I’ll be Bobbitt-ized . . . swoooosh AiiiiEEEEE!


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