15 thoughts on “every secret has a price

  1. It’s uncanny how relevant this is on several levels, and how it’s been on my mind a lot in the past few weeks.

    I love the fact that sometimes the things we write connect with people we’ve never met.
    Thanks for letting me know that. Kinda cool.


  2. It is about your DAD? Your search for an answer?
    It is time for DRINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GM, Stoli, Grappa, whatever.
    Have your agent contact mine. 😉


  3. phucking motherphuckers.

    my place is currently under DPH investigation for an “accident.” i went in and gave testimony yesterday…last night my nursing director called and asked me not to come in today because “the state is still here.”

    i am frantically trying to get ahold of DPH to let the investigator know that i was asked to stay away…i am either going to be used as a scapegoat {origin, please} or they are attempting to discredit me because i TOLD THE TRUTH. {gasp!}

    i know a little of the shitstorm you are caught up in.

    i will NOT turn the other way…i will see this thing through to the end. any motherphucking health care professional who looks the other way, falsifies documents, or just doesn’t have the capacity to care anymore should just GET THE PHUCK OUT OF THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. your lack of compassion and conviction would serve you better, say, working for UPS. stay the PHUCK away from our loved ones!

    i know, this is not a haiku. nor does it rhyme.

    Ouch. You do understand.
    Maybe more than I even realize.
    And I am with you 100%; if you lack compassion and integrity, get out.
    btw- comments don’t necessarily have to rhyme 😉
    Hope it all works out, Y
    Keep me posted.


  4. i can’t let this go….


    is playing on my CD player now from “godwhacker”…

    We have documented everything.
    Believe me. We ain’t no fools.
    And my twin sis is an extremely intelligent R.N.


  5. you getting fed some bullshit ~m?
    god let me count the ways i HATE bullshit!!!!!!
    what scares me most is the price is generally paid by those who can least afford it…

    We’re handling it though.
    Have no doubt about that.
    And bullshit? Yeah, we hate it too . . .


  6. I consider those people that stretch, tear, and twist the truth for their own means the worst of all to do with. I have to deal with one on a weekly basis called the ex-wife.

    Awww, Grimm. That is nasty.
    I say, use that wonderful sense of humor of yours and take care of business. :mrgreen:


  7. How true! Every secret does have a price….
    Imagine that some people actually believe that the TRUTH is what matters?

    In this case, the truth DOES matter.
    Just don’t know if we’ll ever learn what it is . . .


  8. have they worked out you’re not idiots yet? that you do realise they’re actually feeding you lies?

    I think they’ve figured that out.
    I’ll be ‘mums’ on that for a bit . . .


  9. The truth always matters!
    There has to be someone who can give answers…..It’s hard to believe one person won’t come forward. Keep fighting!

    And the beat goes on . . .


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