Billboards that rule

Yeah,  I was a bit bored this afternoon.
Found these billboards and I gotta tell ya, they’re hilarious.
Take a peek.
I love all of them but my favorite is the very last one.
Enjoy a little bit of


And the very best for last . . .

Not a billboard but I figured I’d throw in the kitchen sink . . .

10 thoughts on “Billboards that rule

  1. Man, if only these were real….(Sigh)

    …there would probably be a bunch more accidents from people trying to read them.

    Also, if you are the motivational type, make your way over to (I know you have probably already been there). is awesome.
    I think I posted one a while back.
    And yeah, if only these were real. 😉


  2. The egg billboard ‘cracks’ me up! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!
    That one will make everyone rethink breakfast……or lose their breakfast.
    I agree with Grimm….’if only these were real’
    Have a 🙂 day!

    There were several more but I had to stop somewhere . . .


  3. OH yeah, Ive stumbled over there before . . funny stuff!
    That’s where I got the billboard ad for DrPepper ..
    “Still tastes better than urine!”

    Thanks for the funnies!

    “Still tastes better than urine!”

    Does it? :mrgreen:


  4. Thanks for posting my billboards! Very flattering, and gave me a chance to look through them again. I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t been sued yet. Best, Scott (the Dribbleglass guy)


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