Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State and . . .

Just wanted to put up yet another “thank you” post for being so damn generous with your comments.
I wanted to make my way around the “bloghorn” but will never do it all tonight.
I’m only human.

A few notes of interest, if you look to my side bar you will see a little jpeg of Joe Jackson (musician).
If you click it, it will open Adobe Reader on your computer (assuming you have it installed), and download his essay as a .pdf file.
I don’t comment much about smoking on the blog but I feel Jackson’s essay should be read by smokers and non-smokers alike.
I think it’s absolutely brilliant.
You may feel differently.
I’m not going to address my stance on smoking right now.
Just know that I smoke.
And I enjoy it.
And I pay exorbitant and unscrupulous taxes because of my habit (which is absolute bullshit).
To the US government, tax something else for a change, for cripes sake.
Just imagine if the government started taxing Budweiser and Happy Meals the way they tax tobacco these days.
Would people be a bit angry?
Think about it.
Click on the philosopher above to visit Jackson’s website.
There’s some great stuff to be found there.

And now for something completely different;

Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night after falling asleep early and came downstairs to the sound of ‘beep-beep-beep-beep’.
My wife was laying on the couch pointing the cordless phone at the TV and pressing the “call button” on and off.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Trying to turn this friggin’ thing down,” she said.

“You can’t do that with the phone, dear, ” I said, as I took the phone out of her hand, turned off the TV and guided her upstairs to bed.
Ah, sleepyheads can be funny sometimes.
I think she may have called China a few times though.
Check out the Jackson video below.
Classic Joe.


14 thoughts on “Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State and . . .

  1. Totally awesome story about the wife. If that had happened to Leslie I would keep that puppy in my back pocket for easy retrieval if ever the cause may arise…

    “DAVID, you peed on the toilet seat again!!!”

    “Oh yeah? Well at least I didn’t try and turn the TV down with the phone!”

    And then I would be sleeping on the couch for a month…

    …it would almost be worth it. LoL



  2. and how much grief are you going to get for this one michael???
    and after you did so well with the post about what you’ve learned too…
    then again, all is fair in love, war and blogging! nothing is sacred, it’s all blog fodder….or as mark called it one night “fog blooder”

    What? The smoking thing?
    Shucks, that’s nothing.
    If you have some time, check out Jackson’s essay.
    It’s well written and deeply researched and will give anyone food for thought.
    IMHO, us folks that love smoking have been social pariahs for far too long.
    Again, just my opinion.
    My grandfather smoked 8-10 cigars a day and died at 94 from a non-smoking related issue.
    Go figure.


  3. wow, haven’t heard that song in a while.
    I used to smoke cigarettes, cigars and pipes
    now I only smoke crack
    see, getting better l the time

    now I only smoke crack
    That doesn’t make you a bad person, Oz . . . :o)


  4. I’ve tried smoking. First, as a child. Then my mom insisted that I do it correctly and inhale the smoke. That changed my mind. Then, as a teenager, just to be cool (yeah, I’m that kind) and it still hurt my throat. So I didn’t force it.

    Tell me the truth, Michael, did you have to force yourself to get over the pain of it, at first?

    Cigars and pipes aren’t meant to be inhaled anyway.
    Occasionally, smoke does get inhaled but to me, it’s not unpleasant or painful.
    This isn’t so much about the act itself as it is about the fact that in a free society those that choose to smoke get screwed both socially and financially.
    If you have a chance, read the essay.
    Even non-smokers would have to agree with at least some of what Jackson says.
    Thanks for the comment, Lolly.
    I wasn’t sure how many people actually would. 😉


  5. I didn’t get through the whole article but from what I did read, it is food for thought. I smoked for 10 years before I quit when I got pregnant with my first. For the most part, I did enjoy it but I have to say, it’s not something I miss now.
    Where I live, smoking is banned EVERYWHERE. Even on “restaraunt patios that are covered” (ie: table umbrellas or tarped). I guess that’s why I never went back to it….. it’s not around me anymore. All the smokers in our family have long quit too.
    Thanks for the link. I do want to read the whole article.

    Same as my wife. She quit with the first and never went back.


  6. No, I was referring to the little ditty about Pamela…
    I’ll read the article after I’ve finished trawling through my overflowing in box
    I’ll be done by the weekend…I hope!

    nah, she laughed! :mrgreen:


  7. I voted against smoking bans even when I was a non-smoker, because it seems so very wrong to dictate to independent business owners what they can and can’t do with their establishments. If I didn’t like a place because of the smoke, I simply didn’t go there. It was that easy. Those who voted for the bans obviously didn’t suddenly begin patronizing these now pristine, smoke-free places that the ban effected, because around here, they’re closing left and right. Waitresses, bartenders and the owners of these establishments have lost their livelihoods, which often were meager to begin with. I live in a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and now it’s even worse. Way to go, us!

    “I voted against smoking bans even when I was a non-smoker . . . “
    Knew I liked you, MB.
    And yeah, I know many that have lost their livelihood. Shame.
    I’ve said for years, let establishments decide for themselves what they want to be.
    If it’s a place that allows smoking and you don’t care for that, you don’t go. Simple.
    Wish more people felt like that.


  8. I love Joe Jackson… Just love him. :o) Blaze of Glory was the first gift my husband ever bought me.
    Smoking…. I’m into week three of being a non-smoker and to be honest I’m having a tough time but I am not smoking. My kids asked me to stop and I had smoked for years…. Not sure if this is much of a statement, I guess I am just struggling…
    Your wife is going to be mad with you! ;o)

    Been married almost 25 years this year.
    Ain’t too much the girl don’t know by now.
    Good luck on the no smoking . . . truth.


  9. Oh Michael, Michael, Michael! I vaguely remember the telephone thing.
    I guess it must have been pretty funny.
    I do remember one time when I fell asleep in front of the television, a commercial came on and an alarm clock was ringing. I jumped up to shut it off. I laughed at myself!
    How about the time you came home from a band gig and said the living room was flashing red light. T
    here was some crazy concert on with devil people or something. Ahh-sweet memories !!!

    The night I came home the TV was tuned to a Queensryche concert.
    I think the lead singer was spitting blood at the front row from the way it looked.
    Maybe it was the red lights.
    All I know is you were sleeping like a baby.
    I think I laughed, turned off the TV and went to bed.
    Didn’t want to disturb you.
    The phone thing was hysterical. Period.


  10. Come to think about it, it’s a wonder I haven’t done that, after all, there ain’t much difference between the look of our phone and our remote control.

    Would at least explain why I can’t seem to get a ring tone lately……..



  11. Great post! I never knew Jackson had that side to him. You know I’m with you all the way on this. It’s about time smokers stood up for their rights and stopped allowing themselves to be pushed around by the politically correct.


    Many have at least clicked on the jpeg.
    And I agree, Jackson is a brilliant man.
    Great essay.


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