Still on Walkabout

I feel like a bad contestant on American Idol; I got nothing fresh to bring to the table.
My mind is so far away from the blog lately and I do apologize.
There’s some creative stuff swimming around my head but too many damn obstacles in the way.
I plan on getting out the heavy machinery to remove at least some of the cerebral gunk that’s currently clogging my blogging jones.
Have no fear, the psychobabble will be eradicated.

I did want to mention a somewhat surprising award I received “From the Back Nine”.
My blog was labeled “excellent” by Linda, a relatively new reader and wonderful addition to my blogroll.

Supposedly, I must pass this award along to another blogger that I consider “worthy”.
Though I have many blog “loves” (and you know who you are), I felt the need to pass the torch to a new blog that I read often and enjoy immensely.
He’s not unlike me in the many sentimental ways he writes in terms of family, kids and life.
I wish more people would visit him because I believe he has so much to say.
And he’s funny as a bastard.
Yeah, it’s Grimm.
Please pay the guy a visit and at least tell him congrats on the award.
That would be pretty funny.
While you’re there, check out a few posts.
What I like most about Grimm is that when I visit, I feel comfortable, like I’m wearing a great pair of old sneakers that my wife still wants badly to throw away (at the very least, wash really good)
Please stop by and say hi.

I want to once again thank all of you for your wonderful comments.
I’ve read every single one so please accept my invisible but leviathan gratitude.
You guys have no idea how much your words have given me a sense of great solace and peace.
The honesty, love and support comes through loud and clear and I had to post tonight if only to offer a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.
I promise to dust off the front-loader by the weekend and be back up visiting and leaving ~m’s all over your blogs (and your comments, dear readers).
Until then, much peace, my friends . . .
Be well.


13 thoughts on “Still on Walkabout

  1. Take as long as you need buddy. I have no doubts it will be well worth the wait!
    Thinking of ya…
    Luv Kell

    Let’s hope it’s worth the wait.
    You’re putting some serious pressure on me, girlfriend . . . 😉


  2. We’re not going anywhere…you don’t think you get rid of us that easy do you? i’ve put far too much time and effort into stalking you to be put off now
    you’re hearing me right? yeah! course you are
    now i’m off to grimm’s place…

    My stalker? You?
    Bloody oath, mate. :mrgreen:


  3. 1. again, i’m am so sorry.

    2. congratulations!

    3. take your time.

    4. you smell like an old pair of sneakers. 🙂
    {God, i hope that made you smile}

    Bad sneakers.

    And yes, I smiled. :mrgreen:


  4. Congrats on being EXCELLENT! I will check out Grimm soon.
    Thinking of you and your family! Hoping you get answers.
    🙂 Lynn

    Please check out Grimm. He’s awesome.


  5. Man you really know how to get a guy out of a funk. Thanks alot man, I truly – TRULY appreciate it.

    Now I wish I would have posted SOMETHING in the last few days…Jeez.

    Lately I felt that I had lost all of my creativity…maybe its just the fact that I am stressing over the new baby coming….

    But I tell you, reading your very kind words have made a difference and gotten the creative juices flowing like molasses in January!

    It’s not a big deal, Grimm.
    If I didn’t really like your blog so much, I wouldn’t have done it.
    You are very welcome and I think more people should be visiting you.
    Write about that baby-to-be, buddy!
    Be well, my friend. Hope you see some new traffic.


  6. Michael, thanks for stopping by. I’m still around and visit your blog regularly to see what you’ve been up to. Of all the blogs on my roll, you’re the one that continues to post frequently. Most of my blog buddies have lost their Mojo, including myself. Keep up the good work, and I hope my mojo will come back soon!

    I hope the mojo comes back too, Snot.
    You’re a great blogger.
    Miss ya, buddy
    Thanks so much for stopping by


  7. I totally understand about the nothing fresh to bring to the table. I haven’t even bothered to check in on everyone. I really have no idea what I’ve been doing with my time. Glad you’re still hanging in. Thanks for the comment and for checking in on me!

    Actually, the table is filling up as we speak.
    Nice to hear from you Carnealian.
    I’ll always be checking on you . . . :mrgreen:


  8. I am 49 and exhausted also but one foot in front of the other always leads to tomorrow and that’s where the magic is waiting so keep on walking !

    I walk the line. :o)


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