Walking to South Station tonight, I noticed the elaborate and somewhat intricate weaving of people on the streets of Boston.
Sometimes my walk seems perfectly timed as I pass pedestrians in an orchestrated sort of dance, just missing bumping into someone while neon pedestrian lights go white and I walk across the streets unscathed.


Maybe . . .

Something happened last night that I have no reasonable explanation for.
It’s quite simple but it went something like this:

I began thinking about this particular song and went to YouTube to see if I could at least find the video, which I did.
As I listened, I thought of one special person that I had to send this song to.
There was a reason for this intense feeling but it’s a long story, and not for tonight.
I thought about opening my ITunes and buying the song and sending it on but decided it was too damn late to start futzing around with my Nano.
But I did check my Gmail and was surprised to see an an email from a dear friend of mine and in the title it said, “Here you go ~m”.
Curious, I opened the email to find the song I’d just been listening to attached to the email in an ITunes format.
Goosebumps, blessed goosebumps.
There was no logical reason for me to receive this email but there it was. Go figure.
It was an ultra-heavy dose of serendipity, possibly chance but I smiled as I dragged the tune into my ITunes folder.
The story gets more interesting though.
I sent the song sailing over the waves of the internet to a soul that I knew it would appreciate it.
Turns out the song was desperately needed and right on time.
The chain of events that made this happen made me realize that many stories have already been written.
And I felt so blessed and happy to be included in this one.
For Lent (yes, it’s Lent for us Catlicks), I have given up nothing but I have vowed to get on my knees on a nightly basis and pray.
My prayers tonight go out for my friend Gerry and his nephew, Brandon.
Have a serene weekend, folks . . .
See all of you next week.


ps. the candle in the post is for Brandon.
was his birthday. Sleep in sweet peace, young man
and to the special lady that has sees the Southern Cross at night

12 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Much more than chance…..
    It gave me goosebumps reading this….things do happen to us at special times for a reason. Hope you enjoyed the song as well as your friend.
    Happy Weekend! 🙂

    Thanks, Lynn.
    This was such an amazing turn of events.
    Don’t know if I did it all justice but there it is . . .


  2. serendipity may be understating it!

    if you truly believe, read any or all of john edward’s books. {crossing over, what if God were the sun?, one last time, after life.}

    you got what you needed just at the right time. your mom may have even had a hand in it! what a beautiful thing that would / could / may be. is.

    the other wonderful thing is, you were open to the possibilities, it moved you, and you recognized it publicly. it.


    another profound stirring of the soul.


  3. Thanks my dear friend ~m I was having a difficult day yesterday actually when Feb. 8th rolls around it starts and again July 6th.. I was having a hard time sleeping last evening in and out of sleep..he came to me in a dream last night once more, I found myself wide awake again and did not fall back to I turned on Tv and got a chill when the TV came on and the movie “Angels in the Outfield” was on must have been a message there somewhere from heaven from him for me 🙂


  4. This song has showed up twice in one week.

    It’s really hard for me to listen to.

    Really hard.

    One of your many posts that brought me to tears.

    Keep the flame and the candles burning.


  5. Wonderfully written whose meaning is much deeper than words. There have been so many times where strange events have happened that have saved me or others from harm. A message in more ways than one.

    Strange post in many ways.
    Thanks for reading it.


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