So Much

Like me, so much like me
you are oceans deep, my silent little girl

A face that’s like a saving grace; it’s a prayer I will always pray
I know you as well as I know my overly complex self,
and I am forever in love with you
as I was 18 years ago

@8:11am . . .

If these words turn you crimson, then so be it, that makes you real
You are my hurricane on the water, my own personal blizzard of ’90
And you’re like me, sometimes so much like me
And just maybe
that’s a small, good thing

Happy 18th birthday, Jenna
You are a true diamond in the rough
Gráim thú . . .


And she likes John Mayer . . .

17 thoughts on “So Much

  1. Jenna, you have a great dad, and great taste in music, and I sincerely hope you have a great birthday too!

    Cheers, Kelly
    p.s Michael, beautifully written as usual mate 🙂

    Thanks, Kel.
    Cool tune.


  2. happy 18th Jenna! I hope your day is full of love, family {and some really good booze, but don’t tell dad, you’ll get me into trouble!!}
    Beautiful little piece ~m….

    Sorry Moe, drinking age around here is 21. {thank God}
    She’s still got a few more years . . . :mrgreen:


  3. I cannot even imagine my dad writing me a beautiful poem for my birthday! He is an awesome father, don’t get me wrong! It’s just so rare I think. Happy Birthday Jenna!
    I’d take that birthday wish over anything “material” any day — just not something you could buy with money.
    So special and loving. I’m in awe.

    Thanks, Lumpy.
    Finally blogrolled you too. :mrgreen:
    I’ll be by for a visit!


  4. I can’t wait till mine is 18 cause she is also like me. I will say, “happy birhtday darling. I love you. NOW GET THE HELL OUT AND DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS!”
    Heh heh. I’m such a good and loving father.

    I’m thinking you have a soft heart, Ozy.
    Just a feeling . . .


  5. Yeah I know…send her to Oz, it’s only 18 over here…I’ll buy her a birthday drink {or 2}
    is her birthday actually the 6th? same day as mark’s elder brother if it is…i know the post was done on the 6th, but sometimes you do them the night before is all….

    Her birthday is Feb.7.
    Yeah, I posted early.
    Didn’t want to miss it . . .


  6. Michael,

    There are few experiences in life more sobering than when one realizes that our children are no longer children. If we are fortunate, we get to experience the pleasure that comes with the realization that our “children” have grown into splendid young adults. I have known this pleasure twice. You will know it three times. Your children are fortunate to have such a father. You are fortunate to have such children.


    Sometimes I don’t know just how fortunate I really am.
    Thanks for the heads-up, Smitty


  7. Belated Happy 18th Jenna…..

    Side note to M:
    wonderful note, all said above already.
    Just maybe this, was sitting on train hammering numbers into square spread sheet boxes on laptop that would have preferred to conceive poems, headphones in my ears not really listening to the radio. Then, his voice, I pause, probably have not really listened to this song many times before, but today on the train I heard like if it was the first time. “It’s perfect” I thought to myself.
    Then I come hear and guess what I find in this post…… that same song. I know it’s not for me, yet I am glad I got to hear it for the second time. Your daughter has excellent taste……
    Happy weekend and Lent week your way.


  8. Happy Belated Birthday Jenna!

    My mom once said I was born 2 weeks late and have never caught up. Truer words have never been spoken.

    Jenna says, “thank you”, Grimm 😉


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