14 thoughts on “Endgame . . .

  1. I’m so sorry. 😦

    Things didn’t really pick up until the end of the third quarter or so. And by the middle of the fourth quarter I think there was so much tension in the room I could have combed my hair with it.

    The Patriots played well this year.
    I’m really, really sorry.
    Here’s to next year, though.

    Amen, D, Amen . . .


  2. Correction:

    The Patriots didn’t play well–they slaughtered everyone in their conference. They owned.

    (I said that I’m sorry about the end, right? :()

    Actually, they played well during the season just lost it in the SB


  3. oh ~m…i feel so much for you…you and hot shit both if the truth be known!
    don’t get too down on them….it was a last minute win, it’s not like they got creamed…they weren’t disgraced…having said that i didn’t see the game, and do believe you when you say they didn’t play well…..they’ve done you proud over all have they not? not too many go through the season undefeated..that alone is a feather in their cap…i know it doesn’t make up for the biggest game of the year, but it comes a close second…

    If you have a moment, check out the Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy
    I just read an article by this douchebag regarding the Patriots and can’t believe he actually writes for a Boston paper.
    What a total shithead.


  4. Hi ~m, it’s me Lumpy, the artist formerly known as “Bella” – I’ve been away for a while and just started a new blog last week. I’ve been stopping by all of my favorite places. Sorry that your team lost. I don’t watch football because I do not understand the game rules, seems too confusing. When I sit with the family; evidentially I ask too many questions and they just want to say, “SHUT UP!”
    Did you at least like the half time show? I like Tom Petty BUT I nearly fell asleep. Some have said, it was the best half time show ever. “simple, solid, and no nipples, blah-blah-blah” but seriously, I nodded off. Then it was so tired, I went to bed and missed the end of the game. It’s nice to visit again- I’ll be back soon 🙂 Love, Lumpy

    I was smoking a cigar downstairs during the halftime show.
    From what I heard, it was better I was down there.
    I heard that Petty sounded okay but looked like shit.
    And I actually like the guy.
    Nice to see you back Bella.
    I’ll be by soon . . .


  5. Man oh man, what a difference a touchdown makes, eh? I only watched the last five minutes of the game – out of curiosity – not really a football fan. But my heart sunk in your behalf. I knew this was going to bum you in a big way. Hey, there’s always next year, right?

    We’ll see you when you’re ready to cast off your funeral shroud – otay? 😉

    The last 5 minutes was all you really needed to see.
    My pall is off . . .


  6. Dude, I gotta tell you. When the Giants actually won the game – I was feeling for you. I actually had the Patriots winning a high scoring shootout so that shows you what I know.

    Sorry I’ve been away. I will be catching up.

    And again, I really wish the Patriots would have won.
    If I ever see Mercury Morris or Bob Griese with another glass of champagne. Ugh.

    I’m amazed at the number of people that were watching the game “with” me.
    It was a tough loss but the Giants just played better.
    I can’t take anything away from them.
    I still despise Manning though.
    What a stupid looking human being (much like his douche faced brother, Peyton, that makes the worst commercials on the planet)


  7. There is a guy in a chicken suit, freezing his ass off on a street corner in Grande Prairie this week. Loser of the bet…….

    Don’t know a thing about football, but I do know disappointment. Seems it was a rough weekend for quite a few people. Chin up Mike.


    I’m okay, Jen.


  8. As my brother would say, “They didn’t lose, they just failed to score in regulation”
    They really are a great team, had a great season, and we had a lot of fun and high fives!
    They still got paid and probably will still go to Disney world. “Oh Michael” that really hurts! and ” NOT FUNNNNNNNNY”
    Are you smiling now ?

    Yes, I’m smiling.
    And yeah, most of them are on some tropical island getting massaged by big breasted naked women that use coconut oil.
    I’m feeling less bad by the minute.
    Hey, do we have any coconut oil? :mrgreen:


  9. Sorry bout the loss. I couldn’t stand to watch most of the game. It was so darned boring! I was over at the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet and other tv shows. I even missed Petty at half time.

    Puppy Bowl was much better. I agree.


  10. I’m sorry, I was rooting for the other team. But I do feel bad for you. I know the disappointment one feels when their team doesn’t win. I almost cried when the Mavs lost to the Heat. There’s always next year though. That’s what I keep telling myself every year for Dirk & the boys. 🙂

    Ah, it’s just a game.
    I’m all better.


  11. A period of mourning seems appropriate. Do you think sending flowers would be over the top?

    Over the top?
    Oh, yeah.
    A commemorative comic strip would be okay though . . . 😉


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