my Frozen poem

Just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for responding to my post “the Frozen Man“.
The writing of it took less than 45 minutes while the editing took several hours.
I’m amazed at the response and the numerous personal emails I’ve received because of something I wrote.
Was it from the heart?
Do I totally understand it?
Bottom line is that people really liked it.
I am happy.
IMHO, I’m not a poet, but I am a happy writer. (for now)
I love words and I’m glad you seem to like them too.
I’m sending this poem off tomorrow for publication.
Don’t know if it will fly but it’s going anyway.
I figured, what the hell.
Thank you again for all the kind words of affirmation.
We writers like that sort of thing.
Peace, folks . . .


14 thoughts on “my Frozen poem

  1. Good luck with it! Of course you already are published via here and it is now forever floating around the net for all of eternity..or at least until this net thing falls over cos it’s too darn heavy or something….

    Keep us posted ok?

    Cheers, Kelly

    I certainly will . . .
    I feel a visit to Kel’s Place coming on . . .


  2. I’m glad you’re submitting it– it’s excellent. One of those from-the-heart poems that everyone somehow connected to. Kind of magic when that happens, huh?

    It’s more of a whim but who knows . . .
    When my wife comments on something I’ve written, it must be pretty good.


  3. I’m excited for you! Good luck!

    And as far as you not being a poet… *cough* I’d like to hear who decides who is a poet and who isn’t. I mean, com’on, poets simply string words together, right?

    First a cd, then poetry submissions… What next? 😉 (Just a long as I get an autographed copy of each.)

    Anyways, keep us posted.

    Will definitely keep you posted, D
    Forgot all about that CD. We’ll have to talk . . .


  4. Hell yeah, DO IT. I know what could happen. You could not send it and then it wouldn’t get published at all. (Please store that away and feel free to dish it back to me when necessary 🙂 ) It was a good piece, M. I know it came from some personal stuff but that’s when it’s best. Raw.
    Excellent job again. Let us know!!! Happy Thursday.

    I promise to keep you posted; acceptance or pink slip . . .
    And yeah, I’ll dish it back, babe :mrgreen:


  5. I have to mention this…LOVING the ever changing header! each time I come here {well actually I’m camped in the corner with a sleeping bag if the truth be known}, the header is different. It’s liking being a new place each time and i like it!

    I get bored but maybe my readers don’t.
    It must be a blogging Feng Shui thing . . . :mrgreen:


  6. oh dear! can you fix the coding for me on that last comment ~m??? i’m NOT having a good day as you can see!

    I blew it away. 😆
    Not sure what you were trying to say anyway.
    Foster’s? 😉


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