11 thoughts on “Want

  1. hmm…. open to interpretation. My interpretation: She dreams of her vacation. Then when she’s on vacation, she thinks about how she is now living what she had been dreaming, realizing how her dreaming and scheming paid off, how her vacation became reality. And she only wishes it could last longer but she will memorize how it feels, smells, sounds, etc, so when she’s back at work, she can call up that memory and re-enjoy it.

    Deep, Lolly, deep . . .


  2. Way cool. I’ve often pondered on the thought of “What if my reality is simply someone else’s dream?” But then this was usually on the same nights as I would sit and stare at a candle, blow the flame out and try and figure out where it went…….
    Cheers, Kelly

    I think about the scene in Animal House where Tom Hulce and Donald Sutherland are sitting in a bathtub getting stoned and the ensuing conversation.
    Remember that?
    If not, please rent the movie and watch it. You’re missing out!


  3. My interpretation: They had a big fight, and she went on vacation without him. He’s thinking about her stuck at work, and she’s thinking about him, stuck at work. Tres cool.

    The various interpretations on this webcomic have floored me


  4. Awww…

    I know what that feels like.

    What makes it even better is how well they represented it on paper.

    (Er, the screen.)

    Totally understood.


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