For here, or to go?

Alright, a guy comes into the store several months ago and asks,
“Hey, can I try some pipe tobacco?”
I say, “Yeah, help yourself.”

He proceeds to eat, yes, eat small handfuls of 4-5 of our blends.
I shit you not. Yeah, I’m dying and no one knows but me because it’s a Sunday and I’m working alone.
“Which blend has more latakia?” He asks, while munching away.
I show him and he asks for 2oz of said blend.
I ask (and I can’t help myself), “You want that for here or to go?”
God, he looks confused.
“To go,” he says.
I’m still laughing about it . . .


16 thoughts on “For here, or to go?

  1. OMG that is just too funny!!!! He honestly didn’t GET what you said him??! That just makes it even funnier…..
    Cheers, Kelly

    This guy was what we like to call, “Chump of the Day” . . .
    Nice to hear from you, Kel


  2. I want to know how you kept a straight face!! i can’t believe he didn’t get it!!
    i said it once before i’ll say it again…they walk among us!!

    You gotta see these customers . . .


  3. That is too funny! Some people have very weird children! lol

    So now I’m wondering what kind of store you work in?


    I work in a place that sells, pipe tobacco, pipes, cigars and . . .
    I’m a tobacconist!


  4. That was hilarious….I have no idea how you kept a straight face….I would have bust a gut. or asked if he wanted fries with that?

    “Fries with that?”
    Damn, that’s classic!
    Wish I’d thought of it . . .


  5. I guess all tobacco is chewing tobacco…

    His mother probably did the same thing when she was pregnant with him.

    All tobacco is definitely not chewing tobacco.
    This guy was just a weirdo choad.


  6. Not only did you hear from me, but I was the first on this post!! And I do believe on your latest one..I also think that considering you have JUST responded to my comment, we are sitting here typing at the same time from two different sides of the globe..

    Hope your day is/was a good one!
    Cheers ,Kelly

    A-okay, kiddo . . .
    Checking you on my Gmail


  7. …i see stupid people…

    …they walk around like everyone else…

    …they don’t even know they’re stupid…


    I see it everyday . . . .every single frickin day . . . AIIIIGH!!!!!


  8. Reminds me of the time I was at Panda Express, ordering up some Chinese to go. The lady in front of me was asked “For here or to go?” by the gal behind the counter. “Uh…….both” she answered.


    Now and then if I’m getting drive-thru I’ll specifically ask for it “to go”.
    There’s that inevitable pause.


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