11 thoughts on “Rumble

  1. let the games begin! this is gonna be awesome!

    love the new category: “tom brady doesn’t suck”…LOL.

    here’s hoping the chargers’ goodies “turn a brilliant shade of navy blue, fall out of their scrotums and shatter on the ground like Christmas ornaments.” in foxboro today. OUCH! of course, i am paraphrasing from the master….

    – Constant Reader

    Victory is schweet . . .


  2. Congrats on the win! Stay warm!! My family was up near Wellesley over the weekend for my nephews swim meet. I woulda popped up but dang, it was cold and I was on dog-care duty!

    Damn dog-care duty!
    Maybe next time . . .


  3. WOOHOO!!!!
    I’m hoping the big game is live on one of the channels over here…for us it will be a Monday {again} dammit! Will have to check the guides…
    Mark was telling me about the ticket prices….holy moley batman most people would need to take a second mortgage on the house! dem is scarey figures!

    Yeah, prices are ridiculous. Check Ebay for a laugh.
    You gotta be rich. Or really fucking stupid.
    It’s a football game, for God’s sake.
    I’ll take my Sony flat-screen, thank you. (and the bathroom 20 ft. away)


  4. M~
    Time to get UP-It’s OVER for two weeks!

    I’m up! I’m up!
    When we going to Carl’s again?
    You around tomorrow?
    Let me know.


  5. Another super bowl blowout. Least wise there are some former Gators on the team. My Mom is so pissed being a dolphins fan and all (something about the “snow plow” incident). My Jags couldn’t get it done so I’m with ya on this one. Couldn’t stand to have another Manning with a ring…

    Couldn’t stand to have another Manning with a ring…
    God, can I relate. And their commercials suck hairy camel scrotum . . .


  6. As much as I would hate to see the Patriots win, I would hate to see anyone named Eli win a ring – so I am unfortunately forced to root for…

    Absolutely nobody.

    Sounds similar to how I feel about the Presidential election . . . :mrgreen:


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