10 thoughts on “the Landlord

  1. Oh My!

    I’m feeling torn between LMAO and distress that someone would teach and encourage a toddler to swear like that! Funny video, but disturbing too.


    I’m not too worried about Ferrell’s little one.
    We need funny people in the world.
    What a grooming Pearl is getting . . .


  2. Hilarious!!!!!! Of course, in ten years, when she’s saying “I’m just getting my drink on,” it won’t be so funny, but we’ll let Will deal with that one later.

    I’ve no doubt he’ll take care of it . . . 😉


  3. Ahahahaha!!! Thank you for that! I think that made my month, I hope someday I have a daughter just like Pearl.

    I have one daughter just like Pearl. (kinda . . . )
    Probably my fault, too!


  4. Does Pearl do playgroups? I would love to have her come to one of the little ones groups and watch all the moms pass out from shock.

    And while I would never have my little girl watch this, it was freaking hilarious.

    There’s another one with Pearl that may see a post in the future. We’ll see.
    Yeah, I thought it was a hoot as well.


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