Snow Day

Looks like tomorrow is destined to be a snow day.
I may not even venture into Boston.
Yeah, we’re talking about an ‘effin Nor’easter.
On the menu: snow blowing, cigars and cooking some risotto.
The little one and I may go see a movie (Sweeney Todd) in the afternoon if I can take care of the expected snowfall.
Lord knows, my snowblower is hungry . . . bow, bow, bow.
As of right now, school has already been canceled.
No need to wear the PJ’s inside-out.
I’m going to bed tonight with the glee of a high-schooler.
No school. No work. (with the exception of snowblowing the stoopid white shit)
How strange is that?
Yeah, I’m gone.

And now for something completely different . . .
from the Associated Press:

A man who mailed a cow’s head to his wife’s lover was sentenced to probation and community service. The man, Jason M. Fife of Hunker, “understands that in a civilized society a person cannot send a severed cow’s head to anybody,” said his lawyer, Henry Hilles.
The police said Mr. Fife, 31, obtained the cow’s head from a butcher’s shop, claiming he wanted the dried skull for decoration. Instead, he mailed it, frozen, so as not to alert parcel carriers to the contents, police said.

Wow, talk about a head “fetish”.

And now for something completely different and equally disturbing.

“I thought I was dreaming,” a Warsaw man told the newspaper Super Express after he visited a brothel and saw his wife among the establishment’s employees.
The paper said she had told her husband that she worked at a store in a nearby town.
The couple, married 14 years, are divorcing.

What a freekin’ surprise.
Off to make snow angels . . .


14 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. i’m glad i came over here before i posted…. i had a link to the brothel story all ready to go!
    never mind…it made me do a proper post so that’s a good thing…..we’ve still got rain and are meant to have it till next weekend, so every time it gets to me i’ll come and look at this post…then i’ll feel MUCH better!
    i’m not smiling, honest i’m not!!

    I’ll be sure to leave the post up for you, Moe :mrgreen:
    When the sun comes back out, toss me up a few rays . . .


  2. We all know that Jason M. Fife is the little known brother of Barney. Wonder what good ‘ol Andy would do in that situation?

    Man I need to check my work policy to see if I have some snow days available. Travelling an hour in that @#$ white stuff drives me nuckin’ futz.

    I have $10 bucks that says that brothel story will be a made for TV movie in the next year. Maybe Britney will star.

    *or Lindsey Lohan :mrgreen:
    At any rate, hopefully there’ll be alot of messy jello wrestling . . .


  3. I’m jealous of you right now. Hope you enjoy that movie. 😉

    This my second time seeing it.
    Depp and Carter aren’t great singers but I still enjoyed the hell out of the movie and thought they did an admirable job (musically speaking)
    And it doesn’t end well for anyone.
    My favorite kind of ending . . .
    I highly recommend it to anyone.
    Awesome soundtrack, too (which the girls gave me for my birthday)


  4. Yea, it was really cold here too, got down to the forties. BRRRRR!

    40’s ain’t too bad.
    Around here it’s the wind that kills you.
    20 degrees accompanied by a stiff headwind feels like 0. That, my friend, sucks . . .


  5. I saw a preview of a movie that starts 1/25 that looked SO SCARY! Now if I can just think of the name of it…oh, I can’t. But it’s about a murderer who blogs his escapades, or maybe shows the video or something and depending on how many “hits” he gets – well the bigger the audience, the quicker he kills his victims. Now that’s a new twist, eh?

    I’ll definitely have to check that out.
    Sounds like it’s right up my alley . . .


  6. We were only supposed to get under an inch and got only rain. Hopefully your version of the nor’easter fizzled out as well.

    Those are some freaky stories!

    No fizzle but about 10 inches of the white crap. Yuck.


  7. There was a man in Quebec who sold the snowbank in front of his house on e-bay. Maybe you could sell your snow angels! lol

    I don’t think there’s really much of anything that you can’t sell on Ebay.
    Kinda creepy when you think about it.
    They probably have a few frozen cow heads right now . . .


  8. ok, you asked for it…

    doesn’t everyone enjoy a little head? {groan}

    happy snow day!

    watcha got goin’ on wednesday?

    Oops! Wednesday is already here! Damn.
    Raincheck, okay?
    Let me know how the next few are for you.
    peace, out


  9. “…in a civilized society a person cannot send a severed cow’s head to anybody…” It’s hard to imagine how one could send an unsevered head to someone.

    Marlon Brando, the Godfather, could probably figure out a way.


  10. I read that thing about the Polish couple. Too bizarre! We haven’t had a snow day yet. Maybe some sleet/freezing drizzle tomorrow. Cross fingers.

    I hate sleet/ freezing rain. I’d rather have two feet of snow.
    {better be careful what I wish for}


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