On Disabilities Awareness Day at Fenway Park, an autistic man was chosen to sing the National Anthem.
Halfway through he gets a case of the giggles.
Watch what happens. I still have goosebumps.
Thanks to Annie for the wonderful link.
Videos like this make me believe there’s still hope for the world.
Red Sox fans are alright . . .

15 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Beautiful. I got all teary! There’s something about a crowd of people singing that makes me feel ridiculously emotional. What a fantastic video!
    Just going to watch it one more time…

    Thanks for visiting, Agnes.
    I loved the video as well. Makes me think humankind has a chance.


  2. Thanks for sharing this! My son and I have been working on a duet to sing in church.
    J has autism. I know the folks at church will be as kind to him as the Sox were to this young man.
    How moving! Hope. Thank you.

    Thanks so much for the comment, EH and welcome.
    Glad you enjoyed the video. Stop back again.


  3. I knew this would end up on your blog. I’m glad it came my way and I could pass it on. I have to say Boston fans, rock.

    I think this had to end up on my blog and I’m so happy it did.
    Still bumming about the Indiana Men’s Choir though . . . 😉


  4. wow! just wow! am having to wipe a tear from my face at the moment ~m, but i’m smiling as well…
    it’s things such as these that stop me being a such a cynical cow ALL the time….

    I think we all need to see things such as this.
    It does the soul good.


  5. Truly great vid – the crowd really seemed to calm his nerves and put him to ease. Maybe I need to give the Sox a tad bit of credit. Maybe. Just a tad.

    Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do, Grimm.


  6. had heard about this and finally got to see it and it is a wonderful and as uplifting as it gets!!! sheila cordtz atlanta ga

    Uplifting? Oh, yeah . . .
    Thanks for stopping by


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