Gifts . . .

Had to put up a quick post for several reasons.

#1, all you folks that commented totally rock. Period.
You’ve made me smile with your funny comments and I just wanted to say thank you so much.

#2, my dear friend and “true North” writing critic, Annie, put up this post.
Tanks, Gator.

#3, an unexpected phone call from Downunder changed my birthday from special to absolutely incredible. I actually talked to Moe from the Nook.
I’m still so blown away by her phone call tonight that I’m having a difficult time describing how amazing it has made my night.
And to top it off, I’m expecting a call from Mark (Moe’s better half) Saturday night.
Can’t wait.
And he loves the Red Sox. :mrgreen:
Moe totally rocked my world tonight (more that she usually does).
Maureen, you have no idea how much your call meant to me tonight. Huge.
I will remember this birthday for a long time (as will Pamela and the accomplice Hannah)
(And you will stay here when you come up. We have a small house but we’ll figure something out.)

My sincere thanks to everyone for making this birthday one to truly remember.


8 thoughts on “Gifts . . .

  1. the pleasure was all mine i can assure you….just one small thing however
    Are you aware you sound about 15???? That was a bit of a shock i have to say!!
    I’m pleased to have made you smile. It was the object of the excercise….I love it when a plan comes together {even after a couple of false starts!}

    p.s thanks to both pamela and hannah…nothing better than a good conspiracy

    15? God, not puberty again . . . 😉


  2. Happy belated b-day
    here is a little ditty we used to sing back in my waiter days…
    “Happy happy birthday
    the manager’s are gay
    happy happy birthday
    now go the fuck away
    It brings tears to my eyes…

    Me too, Ozy, me too . . . :mrgreen:


  3. Now that is hilarious. YOU sound 15?!? If I weren’t such a fan, I would totally make fun of you.

    Still, let me wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Us Capricorns need to stay together…

    I know. The 15 thing made me bust a nut as well.
    I have grey hair for God’s sake!
    Believe me, I can’t even remember pooberty . . .


  4. Feliz Cumpleaños mi hermano!

    Happy belated birthday!!!


    Ps…..There is no way you sound 15 man! There must be some heavy static on her phone line!! LOL

    Thanks, dude. And static? She was calling from Australia. That may explain it.
    But my voice? I’m still laughing over the comment. :mrgreen:


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